My First Real Fall

I suppose it had to happen eventually. I was walking down a short flight of basement steps and at the bottom I decided to steady myself on a pile of boxes with my right affected arm. The boxes were not a sturdy choice and I started teetering to the right faster and faster. Behind the boxes was a big pile of junk, barrels, full garbage can (rubbish bin), and a full can of white paint. Lid came off the paint all over the floor. During this spell or gravity, I also wound up on the floor. My Wife and son came running as they heard the clatter. They were of course scared and upset that I had perhaps hurt myself. I was lucky; no pain anywhere, but about an hour later the evil Spasticity set in with a vengeance. To me the worst part of my stroke is that horrible Spasticity from head to toe. I walk much more carefully now and stay away from spooky boxes.


I hope your bruises subside rapidly and the memory with them. These days, touch wood, I don’t fall as much and I haven’t ended up on the floor for ages. Maybe making claims like that is tempting fate? I think I am a little stronger and instead of a rapid heap on the ground I do quite spectacular wobbles that cause anyone in the vicinity to go ‘heart in mouth.’ I cheerily wave this off and probably deserve a serious clonk for being so unconcerned.
A doctor examining me after an early fall while in the hospital implied that these rapid descents usually accompany progress. So have lots of falls, but land lightly.

All the best and . . .

Keep on keepin’ on
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Glad you survived the fall.
Sounds like it could have been worse
Does your spasticity come and go?

I’m trying to get my lower back muscles to behave… they don’t listen to me
good luck, Roland


Bobbi: I’m a professional wobbler :grin:
Pando: My spasticity does more coming than it does going, lately. Yes my back will suddenly tighten up and get a bit painful for no apparent reason.

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@Outlander sorry to hear you’ve had a fall. Glad you didn’t hurt yourself too much. I had my first fall for a while a few weeks back & it knocks your confidence a bit.

Hope your spasticity eases off.

Take care x


Sounds like a tin of paint will have made a spectacular end to your fall?

I had a fall recently trying to carry something that was a struggle & I didn’t want to drop it because it would break. I managed to get it on the ground without breaking but I ended up on the ground too.
It’s just part of the recovery journey as Bobbi said the more progress made the more falls more progress so here’s to the next fall marking the next bit of progress.

I clock up wobbles at the rate of about 100 to 1 with falls and I managed to get my feet tangled in absolutely anything and everything and in fact nothing.
Sounds as though you’re alright overall and I’m glad about that :slight_smile:

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Hi Outlander–My first fall resulted in a broken wrist- and a broken ego. But I learned a lot from that. Now I move more carefully and “think” before I do something. By the way, I used to have leg spasms, CBD Oil under the tongue got me through that phase of my recovery. It always worked when I used it. Jeanne


Thanks for your responses my friends. Very kind. as I always say, kindred spirits warm the heart.


While watching the film you get to the part with the door. Our hero opens the door. Steps lead down into darkness.
Oh no, no, no.
Don’t go down into the basement !!

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Bur Bobbi…that’s where I keep my Single Malt. :wink:



Okay !!

I’ll see you down there.

Keep on keepin’ on
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We ain’t afraid of no paint tins.

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Sorry to hear about your fall Outlander. Hope you make a speedy recovery and it doesn’t knock your confidence too much.


@sgjools Thanks so much.

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