My first annual stroke review

hi i had my stroke in may got a letter last week to get my bloods done then i go see my nurse end of the month for my stroke review .i feel fine in myself just get very tired a lot and somtimes some of my words dont come out right but i hope in time it might pass has anyone else had their first review hope my bloods are ok.then after had this done i have my heart one to do sometime when i think about it it get me down but it could been worse and by getting my stroke and heart review their checking mex

Is this your 6 month review? I'm a coordinator that carries out post-stroke reviews (6 month and 12 month reviews) and basically it's a chance to talk about how you are doing and to make sure any ongoing issues can be addressed, especially when you have been living with the effects for a few months - some people will be fine and getting on well, others might find that on reflection things aren't progressing as they expected and need further help. 6 month reviews aren't a test or anything to worry about - it is just to make sure you are feeling ok with how you are doing after the stroke.

Fatigue is common and many others on these forums comment about their fatigue journeys, it seems to be something that lingers for people. Being unable to get the right words out is also something that lots of people will relate to, the brain can be a bit slower in getting your mouth to match your thoughts. Time can show improvement but also it can be something that people have long-term. People often tell me when they are stressed, upset or tired, it can affect their speech and make it harder to find words. It is normal though smiley

Hope you find the review reassuring and helpful! Good luck with your blood tests

thanks janine i feel better for your reply its true when i am tired sometime my words get mixed up but not a lot i feel tired more around late afternoon its something i wil just have to live with i will tell you how it goes thanks

I'm glad I could reassure you smiley Have you noticed any improvement with the tiredness? Sharing experience and hearing other people's experience on here is reassuring, I find. I hope your review goes well, Lynn! 

hi as you will see from the others the fatigue is something we all deal with.  I too find that when I get upset or stressed I have problems with words, but I have explained this to my friends and collegues so they understand.  The more you let people know the more they will understand.  Especially the fatigue it is nothing like being tired and this is what you must say.  Hope youre review goes well and good luck for further improvement.


i dont feel tired in the daytime its late afternoon and evening going for a walk helps

thanks wendy keeping busy helps nd going for walks their is a stroke support group by me its on tmmorow night so am going to try this it all helpsx

Hi lynnjenny - I had my stroke in Aug 2017 and haven't had any annual review at all.  The last time I talked to a stroke professional was 6 wks after my stroke when I had my follow up appointment with the Stroke Consultant at hospital.  I did have a form to complete from a stroke co-ordinator at the 6 month stage which was described as a 'postal review' but that was basically a tick box form so no actual face to face contact at all.  To be honest, I'm appalled at the lack of 'follow up' for stroke survivors. Once discharged out of the care of the hospital consultant (6 wks in my case) you are pretty much on your own apart from your GP. As good as my GP is, he is not a stroke specialist so can only give general advice.  If we were heart patients, we would be seen annually by consultants.

I'm pretty much the same as you recovery wise.  I still need to have bed rest for around 45 mins every day. Chronic fatigue is the worst of my problems.  I get my words mixed up too particularly when I'm tired.  At the moment my legs are driving me mad with cramp and numbness but this is a side effect of my blood pressure tablets.  It's not always this bad but it comes and goes in phases so hopefully it will pass soon.  I hope your blood and heart tests go well. Take care. 

Hi. I had my stroke last April. I was discharged by the stroke consultant last September. I'm in the same position as you I've had no annual follow up. I'm still under the care of a cardiologist because I've got a pfo, but I haven't seen him since last September. I agree that the post stroke follow up. I still get tired each day, and get words and numbers mixed up at times which is frustrating. 

this is my first review with the nurse on the 23 oct this is at my doctors and on the 29 i have my first one back at the hopital which am glad and we should have them every 6 month 

Hi. I saw the stroke consultant last September , five months after my stroke, he asked a few questions and reviewed me, then said I was discharged and to carry on with my life. I'm under nobody's care except cardiologist.

have you not had a letter from your doctor to go see your nurse for a review i got one from the hospital then one from my doctor this will be my first review with both so hope it goes well

Not heard anything for over twelve months. I go and book an appointment with my gp. Good luck with your appointments. 

your doctor should have sent for you yes book to go see him good luck 


Hi I had a stroke in March still furteged I did not know about the problem with speech. I find it very tiring. 

Dear Karen

No two strokes are the same, so exact info is not usually available to us. The doctors and nurses have to be wary of what they say, but us on the forum can share experiences without fear of any come back.

Aphasia (loss of ability to process language) is common. Mine eased within six months.

The post stroke tiredness seems to get to nearly all of us. For me its not sleepy tired its exhaustion for which I have to rest every hour or so. When I am sleepy tired the exhaustion, or as I call it SF, gets worse and yes, and my speech then suffers. And my mobility gets worse. I make a big deal about getting the right sleep and then having the right rests. Easier said than done but well worth the effort.

Your recovery will take a long time. But never ever give up, you can get recovery for as long as it takes. I am 34 months and still I am getting recovery. Dont despair, keep on at it and things will improve. Just think how far you have come in six months.

Be positive. Smile 4 times a day.

You are not alone, lots of us are out here willing to help


The link between speech and tiredness is quite pronounced in my husband - he is usually an extremely articulate person, but when SF hits he becomes practically monosyllabic, and in two or three, instances unable to speak.  These were very worrying occasions for me, as it replicated the evening that he suffered his stroke, his speech just fell off a cliff and there was such a sense of pleading and fear in his eyes.  I use the reduced speech events as an early warning siren and just get really bossy about him resting when he hits that point. I take advantage of the fact that he can't argue back, and take the consequences later ? 

Have a good evening  

Since leaving Whitechapel hospital in September with my 2nd minor stroke I have not seen a consultant to advise me about what is happening to me and why these strokes keep happening , in fact I have pretty much had to push every issue regarding why I’m just being left to cope with this myself. Although I consider myself lucky when I consider the after effects of other stroke victims it still feels like I’m a bit of a time bomb waiting to go off!

I had my stroke on the 13th June.  The care in Blackburn Royal was wonderful.  Since leaving there, after 5 days,  I feel almost abandoned..........

Feeling exactly the same and it ain’t a nice feeling. Sorry to hear of your experience post hospital.