My Fall

It was y/day walking to my car I fell & 4 people came to aid getting me back on my feet … I think my walking stick laying beside my crumpled body after the fall was seen by the members of public was the factor of such attention given to me … I felt awkward & insisted as I was brought back to my feet “I’m ok Thank you” but still the aid given to me
annoyed me greatly … yes kind hearted people indeed . But that was taking perhaps by me the wrong way that I was some kind of invalid & was unable to sort myself out as I fall a lot at home with fatigue/ & my stubborn right side always picking myself up of the floor & using expletives to inanimate objects .
I’m sure like many other people on here perhaps push to much to get that extra percentage of mobility & to show family/friends things are going well … it’s frustrating in so many ways what with my exercise bike where I’m doing several miles a week my daily visits to parks where I walk till I feel tired . This constant must keep going & improving is a hurdle I climb everyday & to be honest the results are minuscule have I improved i ask myself . only to get home & clean up a spillage when making a cuppa . God it’s so frustrating … I’m ranting here “forgive me” … it scares me thinking of what’s been taken from me the past 15 months & how i don’t want to become isolated in my flat because i can’t be bothered as no matter how much I exercise walk/ I’m seeing really no difference & this drive on getting better I ask myself how high is this red brick wall . It gets me down so much where I tend to say . Is any of this I’m doing making any difference . . Like all on here we don’t ask for these strokes but how once having affects are lives is truly a challenge . This site I’ve been a member off for a few months now I find informative/funny/relatable & has given me valuable information with tips & how others are coping with their strokes & I shall continue my daily visits
Thank you all B/safe & have a wonderful w/end

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@Jordan sorry to hear you had a fall. It is difficult to accept help sometimes however well intentioned…we are a stubborn lot aren’t we.
I am well known for falling…this was pre-stroke🤣 very clumsy person. I think because I was always in a rush. Post stroke I’ve had some near misses but only 1 fall & thankfully my bed caught me. I’m guessing I fall less now because I am so slow. I have many balance issues so thjnk I’ve learnt to compensate.
Just remember however hard or tiring or how many falls you have you keep getting back up & carrying on. You’re going great. Enjoy those walks & I’m sure you’ve have had help back up again even if your stick wasn’t present.
Have a great weekend x

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Jordan. You are far from alone. I fell a bit in the first two years, but there is a way to get up from falls reasonably well. I go to three exercise classes for seniors a week and they focus on strength and balance. That said, my wonky hand can knock a mug of coffee flying at will and the other week I scalded the back of my wonky hand and had to go to a & e.

My favourite fall though was a few years ago visiting an open garden. My partner had wandered on when I took a tumble in a leafy glade. I managed to get on my knees when a passing woman remarked, ‘are you all right down there’. I thought, well I’m not praying my dear.’

Not a fall but it did make me chuckle the other day and I wonder how many of us have thought the same thing in the past.

I was hobbling from the car to the dentist on Tuesday when my balance went a bit off (not unusual these days) and I stumbled. A guy heading towards me gave me a wry smile as if to say………drinking at this time of day (I’ve been teetotal for years). I just smiled in return and hobbled off to the dentist.

I wonder how many of us have thought similar about someone in the past………I’m sure I have. It still made me smile though :grin:

Hi Jordan–Only fifteen months. That’s short for many stroke recoveries. I’ve been at it for 3 1/2 years, and am still improving. In the midst of it though, I couldn’t “sense” the improvement. I never felt any different, and it was always extremely exhausting and hard. I bet -in spite of how it seems-- you have made more progress than “miniscule”. One thing I did was to keep a little book where I wrote the date and how many steps, etc. I did. Then, when I looked back a year later I could “see” the really tremendous progress by brain & body had been able to accomplish with my persistence. How high is the “red brick wall”? Just inches beyond your fingertips. But if you keep on trying, your fingertips get closer. I also have “down” days. Then I give myself a good talking-to and list all the things I can do now that I couldn’t do 3 1/2 years ago.

I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight, Jordan. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

One thing thing that really makes my blood boil is when I am out in the pub or somewhere like that and I reach out to put my coat on. All of a sudden a pair of invisible hands is grabbing my coat and man handling me into it. It invariably takes twice as long to get my coat on (especially when the good arm goes into the sleeve first). What do they think we do when we’re on our own? I know they’re only trying to help, but they’re not. After nearly 8 years I try not to react but it’s difficult (especially as some people are friends who should know better!)

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Hey @Jordan . Do not give up. We will fall but due to some inexplicable stubbornness we will get up and carry on. I fell recently onto my back crossing a cattle grid ( read what you want into that) I have had spinal surgery to fuse my lumbar spine due to vertebral fractures and as I was lying there thinking OMG what have I done? There was a light bulb moment that said just get up, you are ok. Fear is a bigger enemy that will stop is doing anything. More important is to live our lives. My new mantra every morning is “Today is the first day of the rest of my life”. There may be parts of that that will be frustrating, infuriating, anger inducing, but I will choose how I will proceed in this journey. You are not alone. Wishing you all good things, Julia :blush:

Thank you all for your kind words telling me of your own experiences when accidentally falling & how you’ve addressed the moment . I particularly found the “just praying” incident hilarious :joy: & will keep that one in my pocket for the next time if ever it arises.
In some of the feedback I’m glad I was reading how it made other feel very much the way I do when it comes to being too helpful making out as if one is incapable

Thank you all again your wonderful replies & support
B/well B/safe :smiley::+1:t6::smiley:

Hi Jordan haven’t fallen but on a couple of occasions in the early days had to crash out due to mental overload being a Boy Scout went prepared with blanket. Went to event at country park. Realised I’d overdone it so like a vagrant laid down behind hedge .steward wakes me from slumberland I don’t know where I am, it’s ok grandad I’ve let the bloke know who’s relieving me how long you’ve been here and he’ll move you on. Gave him my sincere thanks , people care. Second time had tickets for folk event bought before being smitten by stroke. Very early days but felt I had to dip toe in water some time, boy was that a mistake. Was held in a well ventilated tent. After 2 hours of depressing songs about sailors being lost at sea soldiers returning to sweethearts limbless and young lovers coming to sticky ends! Mentally and emotionally I was shot so staggering outside I laid down fatigued behind straw bales. Was found three times and awoken by kind strangers concerned about me. Yes annoyed but not mad, bless you aware and caring strangers You save many lives. Pds

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