My dropped foot has improved

I have had an FES machine for well over a year, because of my drop foot on my weak side. About a fortnight ago, the foot began to lift naturally again. I am hoping this means the brain has retrained itself. In fact, the FES machine appears to be getting superfluous. Hoping the arm and hand will improve further, but I know they take longer.

Thats very encouraging. Things do ease and improve dont they.


That's great news, maybe an early C'mas pressie?!  It just proves that you should never give up hope, and your story really embodies that mantra JJM, keeping everything crossed for you ?

I just saw your post. that's really exciting. I have the same problem, and use an FES frequently, not every day. I can raise my ankle dorsiflexion while sitting but haven't yet got the movement while walking. I am really encouraged by your progress. I hope to be able to give the physio more attention soon. just now I am having a major nightmare with work. it is not working out. and has got quite nasty. very stressful hopefully I will get a resolution soon. I remember the day when I first got movement back in my ankle. I  was so thrilled. it hasn't improved much since then, but I will continue to hope and work on it  

good luck with the hand. I still have no function in my left hand though the spasticity has reduced quite a lot so that is something. 

best wishes for the New year 


Thank you Tony. I am sorry about the situation at work and I hope you get a resolution.

I have learnt from personal experience that progress after stroke is very slow, but it does come. I was lucky enough to have physio support from the NHS once a week for a year. Half the session was spent working on the hand, the other half on the foot. When that stopped I started exercise classes locally and go to three a week. I can do this because I am retired.

I was told early on to utilise the weak hand whenever possible and this I do. Very slowly, it has improved. Remember that the arm and hand take longer to recover than the foot and leg, because they perform more complex functions. A Happy New Year to you too.

Aaaaw great news!  Theres hope for us all, its nice to hear things can resolve in time 

Hi Jeff I have just seen a post you made about the improvement in your foot drop. I was very encouraged to read this, I have been using an Fes machine for about 18 months, which really helps my walking and I walk without a stick at home and in  familiar places. I also use an FES machine on my arm. It is so encouraging to read positive stories and makes you realise that all of this hard work is worthwhile. 

Thank you Susan. The improvement happened suddenly, but was a happy surprise. I had an allergic reaction to the FES machine on the leg anyway, even with hypoallergenic pads. I think my weekly exercise classes have also helped. Walking is still not perfect, but being without the machine is a godsend.