My dad

My dad had a stroke a year ago, has Parkinson's as well. To be honest you wouldn't really now unless you spent a lot of time with him that he had a stroke. Last month or so when he is a bit tired or under the weather he has started seeing things that aren't there, just as he briefly did after his stroke. Doesn't happen that often but I am finding it hard to respond,  I did once and he just told me to forget about it. Concern is it could get worse or develop into dementia. Just feel helpless as I know he won't talk about it. Really getting me down at times.


Dear Badders

sorry to learn of Dads situation. I was 68 when a stroke got me. I had hallucinations which the doctors said was unusual but not unknown. I loved them. The dull hospital ceilings turned to colourful patterns. And i enjoyed trying to make out the imaginery people, eg the doctors body with the tea ladies head.

not so nice were the nightmares and night terrors.

when dad sees things that you can not, perhaps you could think in terms of exactly can not see them. 


it took years to discover how much my memory had been wiped by the stroke. In the first two years my lack of memory was distressing, but now, five years on, the memory loss sits comfortably with my new life. And every now and then, long lost memory does jolt in to action. 

generally, my way of coping is to not fight it. If i cant remember a name then i accept this. I dont draw attention to the memory loss, but if appropriate i will say i cant recall your name.

i spent time with my Mums dementia, when no one seemed to accept nor understand loss of memory. I learnt a lot from that.

dad will in time slide away from stroke issues.
I dont know what are stroke issues as opposed to ageing, but it doesnt really matter. The label is no longer relevant.

Everyone has dementia. Brain cells die off. Acceptance is desireable.

best wishes




Thank you so much