My dad has two blocked carotid arteries

Hello, my dad had a stroke 10 weeks ago. He’s 68 and currently still in a rehabilitation hospital. It was an ischemic stroke following a TIA last year on his right side and he has left side paralysis in arm and leg and left side neglect. Cognitively he’s been ok for the last 8 weeks. However the last two weeks following a fall (tried to get out of bed) he has become more confused. Thinking at times people he knows work at the hospital.

Both his carotid arteries are 100% blocked and they said cannot be operated on. So its all about rehabilitation and physio now.

My question I guess is had anyone else got experience with two blocked arteries? I’m struggling to get an answer on outlook here. They just say he’s very high risk of another stroke. The new confusion concerns me that his remaining arteries may not be working well but they won’t scan just keep an eye on him. Has anyone any experience on this?

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@Del2 Hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your dad has had a stroke. Must be very difficult for you all.

My stroke was caused by a carotid artery dissection so a bit different to your dads. Hopefully someone will come along later who has a better understanding of blocked carotid arteries. I assume they’re not operating on his arteries as risks outweigh benefits.

A fall can lead to confusion. Have they said why they won’t scan following his fall? Sometimes you need to become a nuisance with the staff & insist they scan.

If they haven’t given you a good enough explanation for why they’re observing rather than testing etc then get them to explain it to you.

Stroke recovery is a long road & you need to look after yourself too so you have the energy to keep going when he comes home & will need your help.

Have a look at this post you may find some useful info.

Welcome - what we wish we’d heard at the start

Wishing you all the best

Ann xx

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Hello, thank you for your reply! He didn’t hit his head thankfully but he hurt his back when he fell. No broken bones or anything, he did have an X ray!
They said they don’t scan just for confusion as usually it won’t show anything. But they have noted his confusion at least. As for the arteries, they said risk outweigh benefits but also they need some room to put a stent in etc. If they are completely blocked they can’t do it. So he is just being left. There are 4 arteries that supply the brain, so he only has two working


Hi @del

Welcome to team :slight_smile:

As @Mrs5K says the welcome post may help. Amongst other things it mentions searching with the magnifying glass. That’s the door to others experience where you might find some histories that might inform your trying to establish possible outlooks?
Looking for ”Blocked carotid arteries" threw up 19 previous mentions which may be worth your while working through: at least one said completely blocked and operated on so there might be more in your father’s diagnosis & action plan or the might just be different norms and risk reward cost balance between one health authority and another that you could question¿ the reasons - sometimes it comes down to just opinion of consultants

Confusion and a fall sounds like coincidental coupling of cause and effect to my ignorant non-medically trained perceptions, but confusion and reduced blood supply due to blocked arteries sounds more plausible as cause and effect - but my opinions are not based on received medical knowledge; but they are the first avenue I would query with medical staff.
I might also query whether some form of blood thinner like aspirin or warfarin over a time scale would help? Even the clotbuster drug(s)? Again I emphasise no medical anything passing as knowledge

You need to look for the support for you as a carer too. This is a marathon if you burn yourself out in the first 5k you won’t be as much support for the last 5k.

I hope your journey gets easier - best wishes


Thank you, I will have a search now. He is on blood thinner already since he had the TIA and he’s on some anti platlet thing they just started using apparantly…but he will finish that soon as it was only for three months. I’ll go have a look what I can find now. Appreciate you taking the time to comment thank you

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So the antiplatelet isn’t clopidogrel?

Yes I think it is. That rings a bell. They said a drug he was taking (anti platlet) was only for three months and said it was just approved. And my dad joked he was a guinea pig. So I’m not sure if its that or in addition to. But Im sure he takes that

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Can’t be clopidogrel then cuz I’ve been on it for 3 years!
But I was on a pre-approved experimental drug for the first year after my stroke - no idea of the name but if he was on kloppy then It’s a standard one that can be continued

My wife and I have found an awful lot of post-stroke needs are only resolved by a lot of researching and pushing. This forum is good for giving you the experience of others - the welcome post and searching set you on the course -

To repeat again it is a marathon not a sprint so grab your water bottle and lycra :slight_smile: if you search for the posts mentioned in the welcome you’ll see that there is a good life post a stroke that is possible




So sorry Del2 and for your dad. I don’t have any real knowledge of that but will keep you in my mind and prayers :pray::pray:
Best to you!


That all makes sense & i hope they keep a good eye on him.

It must be a worry knowing only 2 of his arteries are working. Hopefully the blood thinner he is on will keep everything working ok.

I wonder if the anti platelet is only for 3 months because he is on a blood thinner too. Is thst warfarin or similar? I’m guessing blood thinners & anti platelets together long term aren’t a good idea. Worth checking out though.

Best wishes


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Hi Del2,

I would investigate the clot buster drug for your father.

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I’m assuming it’s something similar maybe he’s having for 3 months? He’s been in 11 weeks I think so that will finish soon. However it was over 18 hours from the onset of the stroke until the ambulance came. He lay on the floor for 10 hours and then it took over 8 hours for an ambulance to arrive. I believe those clot busting drugs must be administered quickly? He will stay on his normal medication whatever it is. The one he was on prior to the full stroke. But there is nothing else they can do they have said