My Dad had a stroke

Hi, my Dad had a stroke 3 months ago.
He is mobile and conversant but with some memory issues and Hemianopia.
I have joined here because i want to learn how to help him ,and my Mum who is struggling to cope. He is a lot better than upon his hospital discharge, and the 6 week support team were a great help. But now we are aware of reading problems not associated with Hemianopia.


@Scottpilgrim welcome to the forum. Sounds like your dad is progressing ok. I strughled to read (&still do to some extent) after my stroke. Some of it was concentration issues. This does improve in time although I still can’t read like I did. I started trying to read really short magazine articles (sometimes that was just 1 sentence ) then built up ftom there.
Best wishes to your dad for his recovery.


Thank you Ann, i know it is early doors yet😊