Muscle massage

Hi all, I had a stroke last December, and I've done OK since exercise wise, but have strained muscles in the backs of my legs. It sounds stupid, but does anyone know if we're allowed massages etc? 

Hi Dan - A lot depends on what medication you are on but I have had deep tissue massage and manipulation by the Chiropractor without any issues. I am on blood pressure tablets (Accupro) and aspirin. My Chiropractor was quite happy and said there is no problem in having massage if you are on blood thinners but there is a limit to the pressure they can put on with manipulation as it can cause a lot of bruising. I also had laser light therapy which helped. I have paid private for physio in the past but there was a lot of talking and very little hands on treatment so a waste of money really. NHS was worse - all talking and a leaflet to take home with exercises to do. No touching at all and, in our area, it took 9 months to get an appointment on the NHS. 

I have read that you have to be very careful with aromatherapy massage as the oils used can interact with a lot of medication and can cause blood pressure to rise but I can highly recommend Chiropractic massage. I did my leg injury at the gym on the hip abductor lifting too much. Hope that helps.

I find a massage is brilliant. Do keep everything in the zone of "not overdoing". Your poor brain is trying to relearn how everything works, so make sure you get the movements etc spot on or else you will inbuild problems. If you can get a good professional to check out your posture and your movement then it might save a lot of hassle later. I didnt do this. I was so pleased to walk, go up a ladder etc that I failed to deal with my left sided weakness. I am now trying to correct the related problems. Ouch.


Thank you onwardsandupwards

Cheers Colin.