Muscle limitations

Shwmae @pando, I had a stroke September 2020, thought I’d be fixed by Summer 2021 and “recovered”. It’s now approaching the Summer of 2023, and I am still rebuilding. It may be difficult to see the improvements or near improvements as they tend to be hidden until new pathways finally lock together. Muscle response has several processes, I think. So, there’s a lot going on. It’s useful to spend time watching as well as practicing. After stroke, I spent many hours watching walking programmes, I practiced walking and watched other people do it, and I also spent time imagining myself walking. I am to believe this all helps fire up the neurones.

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What you just said proves it is coming back online. Just not in the order you would like and not within the time line you would like but it is coming back.

Maybe try looking at is as amnesia and try touching, feeling the people and things that you care about most, to jog the brains memory. Hold your wife’s face in both hands for instance, the left hand being the memory jogger to the right hand. Hold objects with sentimental meaning behind them, and your violin of course. The things meaning behind can give a stronger impulse to the brain. And keep doing these, every day.

Another tip I remembered earlier for speech, is reading out loud to yourself. Go somewhere quiet, where you can relax and just read quietly out loud for a while…even if it’s just a few of these posts. We were lockdown when I did all this, spent a lot of time in our bedroom either reading or phoning my sisters and babbling on to them 'til I’d get tired. They understood what I was doing, it was all arranged through whatsapp at the time :smile: My sisters were very concerned I’d never regain my speech because I’m a quiet person by nature, not much of a conversationalist. I make up that in writing :laughing:

It is just your right side affected, how’s your walking coming on?

Thx Rups,
that must take a lot of stamina
I don’t know how to survive my stroke
It’s the most awful curse I could imagine

I like the idea of visualizing, cheers for that, Roland

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I start to understand and agree with you more and more
Things that have meaning… that speaks to me & make sense
That alters my way of thinking for the better

I walk like a stick figure because of numbness and tingling
Yesterday I ate Salmon for supper and was troubled all night
tummy problems… fish didn’t go down…I have countless problems

In January I had mamy sleepless nights…
my tummy is so flacid that even the weight of my arm is crushing…
nothing of the sort happens on my non-affected side

Anyway, was my first awful night in 2 months
let’s hope it’s a one off

thx emerald for sharing your thoughts…
so inspiring to read your messages
ciao, Roland

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Ronald, thank you, I’m very happy to help :smile:

Ah, but what did you have with the Salmon, that could just as easily be what’s giving your tummy trouble. Starchy foods such as potatoes or rice could just as easily do this.

Try having mint (in any form from my experience) after your meal. This will relieve bloating and that painful over full feeling you can sometimes get. That’s what “after dinner mints” are all about, and not to freshen your breath :laughing:
A mint sweet…Polo, mint tea…Pukka do a delicious three mint organic tea, chew on a few mint leaves, whatever’s your taste.
Senokot tablets, to be taken at night, are also good to help get the bowels moving naturally again. I think they are a natural herbal remedy too; works for me :wink: And eat more vegetables, bananas are also good for getting you moving naturally too. Also a hot water bottle on your tummy and both relieve pain and get things moving :wink:

If this second bout of tummy issues persist, maybe you should consider seeing your doctor as you may have some digestive issue which needs to be addressed or better managed through particular dietary requirements.

You take care now :smile:

Thanks Emerald,

…though mint relaxes the sphincter to the stomach so for the acidity not a good one for me. What has been helping is some ginger tea at night, and my healy programs (healy is a device which emits small pulsed EMFs) and generally carbs are working better for me since break down faster than meat.

bananas & hot water bottle agreed
take care, Roland

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