Mum's tia. support and advice needed

hi.. I'm new to this site. my mum had a TIA on Friday night. her mobility speech and understanding were all dramatically affected but over the last few days there has been significant improvement in speech and mobility. what i observe now though is that she is emotionless. no laughter, anger or personality. is this normal and is it likely to return over time? I'm very worried I've lost my old mum. she is only 54.


Dear Bizzie

This site is mostly read by people who have had a full stroke, damage to our brains is permanent.. TIA is a transient ischemic attack. Mostly the damage is not permanent and recovery is perhaps a few weeks.

So, if mum has had a typical TIA then there is every chance she will recover fully and will be the same Mum that you know. So please dont let the postings on this forum scare you. We have permanent damage, Mum probably does not. Do check that the diagnosis is TIA and that there are no other complications.

TIAs are not trivial and emotionality can no doubt go walkabouts for a while. Its great that the mobility and speech is improving. Emotionality should soon follow. If not, thenn ask about counselling as Mum may have shock.

Good luck and say best wishes to Mum


I had a TIA when I was 50 (five years ago). At first, I thought I was completely better a few days later. Everything seemed back to normal. However,  over the next wee while I noticed a few things:


1. I got words that started with the same sound mixed up (e.g., coffee/curry)

2. Sometimes I had word blockage - I could 'see' the word in my mind's eye, but I could not say or write it. The blockage could last between 5 and 30 seconds.


3. My emotions were all over the place - I would openly weep at the smallest thing, either a heartwarming or sad story.


4. My confidence took an almighty whack. I kept doubting my abilities.


As time progressesd, things improved, but I'm not 100% over them all - I just get the things listed above less frequently.


Some tips for your mum: don't try to do too much too soon; don't be embarrassed about talking about her TIA; be prepared for occasionally feeling very tired (fatigued); accept the people around her will be nervous around her, as they may be anxious about upsetting your mum; remember she will get a little bit better every day.

Without doubt it is too early to get concerned about your Mum. Emotions usually get a hammering with a stroke and mostly one is over sensetive to everything going on, but this is not to say that the reverse is wrong since there is nothing standard about the effects of a stroke.