Mums psychological assessment

Hi, I was hoping someone could help me. My mum is in hospital / rehabilitation unit after having a stoke the end of last year which took away her left side mobility. Since then she has had another stroke which has taken her mental capacity and communication/speech. At her first continuing healthcare assessment mum had not had a psychological assessment so they said she was not fully optimised. We have been waiting for as assessment for a while and now and a new chc meeting has been booked saying that a review of her mental health has been done (not a full psych assessment which she needs) and that she is a little better and to keep on the same meds
When I visit mum, I see the decline in her health . She is hallucinating, unable to control emotions, confused. unable to communicate well or fully understand us. She is also asking us where her mom and dad are who passed many years ago etc.
The consultant is saying it is not his department and that the psychiatrist has said she is fit to go out into a nursing home.
What can I do? I feel she needs the full assessment as she may now have vascular dementia and we need to know her full care needs.
She has another chc booked for in a couple of weeks. Chances are with the psych review as it stands she likely won’t get the funding, even though she is locked in her own body physically, mentally and without communication.
I understand she now needs to go into a nursing home, but we need to know her needs so she is not moved again. Also I have been told if she does not get a full psychological assessment in the hospital, then when she is discharged her chances of getting one is very low. So what…she ends up another poor soul lost in the system?

If anyone can help, I would be so grateful as I am at a loss where to go with this now. Thank you.

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Hi & welcome @Flora2 i am no expert on this but were you present at any of these assessments? If not you need to insist on being present at the next one to ensure they fully understand your mums needs. You are also entitled to a 2nd opinion so might be worth requesting that. I’d also request a meeting with her consultant to find out what their thoughts/plans are.

Maybe the Stroke Association helpline can offer some help on where you need to go for further help too.

Hopefully someone who knows more than me will be along soon.

Best wishes



Hi Ann, thank you for the reply.
Yes, I was at the chc meeting and will be at the next one in a couple of weeks.
Regards the consultant, he is just saying the psychological assessment is not his department and is happy for her to go into a nursing home. He said she has not changed since being admitted when we can clearly see she has, a result of the second stroke. Even the nurse at the first meeting said so. But they are not listening at all.

Thanks again.

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Another thought…maybe try speaking with PALS at the hospital. They might be able to raise your concerns.

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Hi Ann, yes, I am in touch with PALS, and the lady I see has asked the matron to call me but nothing as yet. She said I can raise it as a complaint which I will, but that doesn’t help mum at the moment unfortunately.