Mums had a stroke no movement in right side and no speech

I don't really no why I'm here I'm looking for support I suppose my mum had a stroke last week she's in a terrible way in hospital I can't visit her due to covid-19 but they took her off the life support yesterday she's breathing on her own they tried a couple days ago but it wasn't successful anyway she has no movement to her right side and has no speech I just don't even know where I go from here the doctor says if she does make it she will more than likely be extremely disabled I'm so upset and just looking for hope I think?

Dear Ronni

This forum is a self support for those of us who have survived a stroke and for a few people like you who are carers.

Every stroke is different. Many SS have many of the same symptoms but all to a different degree. It is mathematically impossible for two strokes to be identical.

I am pleased to hear she decided to survive without life support. Please be aware that many of us were in a terrible state for the first three months.

I was 90% paralysed and I started to leave my body before returning to my life. I know I am very lucky, but I got on my feet and took a few steps on day 5. How extreme is that ? And I understood from the consultant (?6 weeks?) that i was a rare case who managed to walk in to his consulting room.

The first week was extreme. I wanted to rest for hours every day. I couldnt bear to hear speech. I couldnt think straight. I was hallucinating by day and having mad dreams by night. But I felt I was chosen to live so I was going to do the best I could.

It is terrible that you cant be with Mum, but she probably wouldnt be herself and that would upset you.

I have rcovered. Not to the person I used to be, but to a new person. The medical staff will do what they can, whether you are in attendance or not. They will be scanning, checking and will decide when Mum is medically fit. Then there will be a massive and painfully slow recovery. They have to warn you of the possibilities, but you know Mum better than they do and if she is strong willed then she will recover movement and speech and the cognitive stuff. Do read the stroke asocation booklets, they are good.

Take heart. Send Mum your love and strong thoughts every day.







Thank you for your kind words and I'll be sure to look at the books I'm just so scared right now and needed to hear from someone who had been there and that's you so thank you for that and I'm so glad you are recovering well ands it's made you who you are today 

My mum had a massive stroke in April 2019. It affected her right side and speech. She did not speak for 5 days and could not even lift her head up from her pillow. She could not swallow food and had to be tube fed. She was in rehabilitation for 4 months and eventually learnt to feed herself solid food, to say some words and to do her make up and brush her teeth. She still has some problems with speech and cannot walk but is able to stand for short periods. I'm so sorry you cannot get to see your mum at this difficult time but please do not give up hope. Progress takes a long time as we have discovered. Sending you and you mum best wishes.

This is an incredibly difficult thing for anyone to go through and it is important to know every stroke is different. Sadly my dad had a sever stroke in November. He lost all use of left side but can talk but lost taste and struggles to swallow. Nothing ever improved for him and he is in a care home now. He keeps wanting to try and walk and cannot accept it. What you need to do is remain positive for your mum. But know how terribly hard, heartbreaking and difficult this is for you too. You have lost mum in a way but she is still alive. There is always hope for stroke. Some people can recover amazingly. You need to take each day at a time. But get rest and look after yourself too. Thoughts are with you. 


I do understand how you feel. My brother is in rehabilitation hospital after stroke. Its very difficult time. Specially when you cant visit. I do researches myself as much as possible everywhere and specialy in here. I know we have to be more strong than never before. 

Take care and best wishes for your mum to get better soon?


sorry to interrupt, and I'm glad you're doing stroke research, but to be honest, this site is invaluable for research, because you are hearing about real people, and they share their experiences and offer support.  Every time I visit this site I regard it as research!  (As well as chatting to friends ?)

Take care, best wishes to your brother 

You never interrupted me??

Im really glad to find this site.I do understand more. And im so happy to talk with people who is in similar situation like me or who is after stroke ☺️Bless all of them ??

Take care?


Dear ronnilobby

I am so sorry to hear of your distress at seeing your Mum in the first stages of a severe stroke.  My husband  Len (85)had a severe stroke last October.  He had to be hoisted into a special chair about 2 days later and after a week he went to a rehab centre.  He lost the use of his right side and speech.  I don't want to give you false hope but all I can say is that it is a very long road to even some recovery.  My heart goes out to you.  Take it day by day.  My prayers are with you. 

Best Wishes