Mum had a stroke

Hi all I’m a newbie here my mum had a stroke last week at 90 she has some paralysis in her right side and is struggling to talk but suprisingly happy I can se her trying to talk and the frustration it causes …:.what am I expecting

Welcome to our very supportive band :slight_smile:

There are loads of posts on similar themes in this forum with probable 100s of insightful replies ranging from the 1st week, coming home, consideration of care homes, mood, meds, mobility and lots more

Really your best bet is to learn how the forum categories and search mechanism work read posts then maybe link to with others who post same stuff

There are online and offline cares & survivor groups, SA and many others publish huge amounts of help - see this post for some Support

@Mattsimmo welcome to the forum. Sorry your mum had a stroke. It sounds like she’s really positive though which will help her loads with her recovery. Stroke recovery is different for everyone & depends a lot on someones determination. Plenty of rest is required too as it allows the brain to do its own repairing. Wishing you both all the best. Ann

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Thanks so much for the support mum has been moved to ward that is stable !! She’s is beginning to say a few words she’s bright in the mornings but gets very tired late on I am hopeful yet realistic

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It’s quite normal following a stroke to tire liads as day goes on. Hopefully it’ll improve as time moves on.

Best wishes to you & your mum