MRI tomorrow

I am having my much awaited mri early tomorrow morning. I am trying to keep calm as I dont enjoy them and I dont know how long I am going to be in there. I have taken note of all the messages I had about relaxing and thinking about nice things which I appreciate but as time is getting near I am getting  nervous I dont think the hot weather has helped but I will try to keep smiling and positive knowing that they will find out what is wrong with my head that I have put up with for about 3 years. Sorry about the moan but it makes me feel a bit better. Norma Jean.

Thanks for replying Jane  I hope I will feel well as the scan is 8.45 in the morning and I never feel atmy best first thing. It is a fair walk from the car park so I might go in the wheelchair I dont use it very often only when I have to go to hospital and have to walk a long way for me.  best wishes. Norma Jean.

Hi Norma, just think .... by this time tomorrow, it will all be done and dusted!!  You will have beaten your worries, the world will still be turning and you will have earned yourself and cake and a cuppa!!!  We'll be thinking of you - Go Girl!!!!  

Definately use a wheelchair, I do when I visit the hospital, endlessly long corridors! Mayhap, first thing in the morning might be better as you will be tired and not notice it as much. 

Thanks for your reply I cant wait for this time tomorrow then will kick my heels. and cake and cup of tea sounds about right.

Thanks Im glad you agree about thelong corridors.

Hi I had one when I was In hopstial the first scan was unclear so I had an mri scan which showed I had a blood clot on my right side of my brain. It takes about 15 min there put a mask on you to help you keep still it is not as bad as people think. Can I ask why it's taken so long to get a mri scan tell us know what happens all the best des

I  had a MRI scan when I had my stroke in 2017. so  know what they are like.but thisone has been organised by the neurologist who is trying to find out what is causing my head problems. Thanks for your reply Des. 

Ok hope it goes well and there find out what is wrong all the best des x

How did your scan go hope all went well

I didnt enjoy it  it took half an hour I was trying to listen to classic fm.but ther noises were so loud. I felt quite wobbly when itt finished. Its over now just waiting for results. Norma Jean.

You did it!!  Well done, hope you treated yourself to something nice afterwards.  ?

Well done for doing it. Hope all is well

Best wishes


Well done it's over results should take 4to5 days but who knows hope the results are good des

Thanks Des I will let you know when I hear. When that will be goodness knows. Norma.