Mri scan

Had my mri sscan 4 weks ago and have not hd the results yet. Waiting for the neurologist to write to me. Will post my results when I get them. I am a bit fed up waiting. Norma. 

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I had mine about the same time Norma for the same reason feelings in my head that I just can’t explain dizziness and nausea.I got my results this morning can’t make head nor tail of them.It seems seeing a neurologist won’t help I need to see my doctor about changing medication (I have only been trying for 2 years)guess I am on my own again.Anyway good luck with yours hope you get some answers.

Thanks for replying itis very frustrating not knowing whats wrong I know the stroke affected my head and eyes but I cant believe it has so much affect on my life in general. I dont even like goi ng in the car to far the journey can be uncomfortable. There isnt many pleasures for me to enjoy. Best wishes. Norma.

I know how you feel Norma. It's taxing day by day. I can't believe sometimes what I have dealt with everyday for twelve months now. Pushing my relience to the limit. I have my MRI on the 1st of September, my stroke has affected head and eyes too. It's a real struggle, we will find relief either by hook or by crook. Stay positive. 

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Dear Norma

You have certainly been waiting a long time. I have found neurologists to be particulary busy. I had a test for Addison's disease, was in and out in two hours and got a letter within a month. I think it depends how rare the condition is. Strokes are more common unfortunately. Best wishes, Hilary 


Hope you get u results soon take care des

Thanks Des/ I phoned the secretary and she told me he had dictated a letter but was making changes to it. She said they think it is age related but I wont except that as it has been like it for a long time now. I dont know what changes he has made so I will wait and see and he is goin g to see me and I will have a lot of questions to aqsk him. Thaks again. Norma.

Thanks Hilary I thought the wait was due to the present difficulties the NHS are having. Its not nice being on the receiving end though. Norma. Best wishes

Thanks rups Let me know how you get on with your mri and I will post a message with the results as soon as I get them. I cannot describe to anyone what it feels like  can you describe the feeling in yuour head. Its ther from morning till night spoils everything you do. Norm Jean.

Hello Norma. It's probably that as well but I was surprised how quickly it was all done. The specialist said I'd get a letter in two months and I was seen in a month after that. There was hardly anyone in the treatment room when I got there. I was early and was having my tests straight away. P.S. I'm jolly glad I haven't got Addisons. It's treated with steroids. Best wishes, Hilary

For me it is like a pressure, tightness or just an uncomfortable energy. Sometimes, when it is bad, and I scratch my head, it sort of reverberates. I wonder if this might be somehow related to the central nervous system. If so then a CNS depressant would be the answer. When I take Lorazepam, my head feels much better which is part of why I am thinking along these lines. I often say, there is no word in the English and Welsh language to describe the feeling, apart from yucky. 

Sometimes, I feel like my whole body is just going to shut down. It's a squeeze to get past the feeling, and carry on.

What  is Lorazepam rups I havent found anything that relieves my head I have even had two paracetamol to see if that could help but no avail. Norma.

Lorazepam is a benzodiazepine like Valium is. I use them for panic attacks, so only take half a tablet when I need it. They can be addictive, and GPs are reluctant to prescribe them. They are strong central nervous system depressants, and one Lorazepam tablet stays in the system for about twelve hours. I wouldn't recommend taking them for relieving our symptoms, but it has led me to believe that our problem may lie with the brain's communication with our central nervous system, once again, this is just my hypothesise based on personal experience, and my own dilettantish research.

I was same Norma waited for a good few weeks for letter hopefully it will come this week fingers crossed good luck and best wishes for positive results