Mri scan??

I just attended the hospital to have an MRI scan of my brain. Unfortunately once they put the frame over my face to help keep my head in position I had to call a halt to the whole thing  I've never had an MRI before I'd been told they're unpleasant.  Understatement of the week. I felt awful for wasting an appointment but I couldn't tolerate it. Not sure if I'll get a lot of sleep tonight.  Fingers crossed.

It's not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination.  It will, however, be the best way to get the inside info of the brain.  It's a shame the staff weren't able to get creative and ensure you were able to tolerate the process. This must happen on a frequent basis, so surely they can do something?  Sedation?  

Sorry you had a horrible time, hope you'll get some rest during the evening.

Dear Kay

I do not like enclosed spaces, so an MRi is not my cup of tea. So I close my eyes before it starts (one hospital provided eye patches). Another hospital provided headphones. Alongside the suggested sedation, you can beat your concerns. Actually it doesnt hurt at all. Some older machines are extremely noisy but other than that its physically pain free. One machine had cleverly set mirrors and I kept my eyes open for that one. 

You can do it Kay. Dont let that miserable stroke win.


Thank you! for your kind words.

They did say it happened quite often; they then seemed very keen for me to leave. Seeing the consultant next week maybe he'll decide a C.T scan will do.  I think that is a more tolerable scan. 

Thanks for your support and advice.  If the consultant insists I have an MRI I might ask can I take a small dose of Lorazepam or Diazepam first.

I had a mri last year due to a cancer scare ...ended up fainting. So don't feel bad at all!!! Have a relaxing bath or shower and milky drink... take care xx

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I'll go with the milky drink before I go to bed. Hopefully it will work some magic.  xx

CT is more tolerable, however the resolution is not so high, therefore the clarity isn't as good.  When my husband collapsed with his stroke last year, the inital CT scan was clear, so we stopped panicking.  They then carried out the MRI which was how they found the damage caused by the stroke.  

In your case the CT scan may be sufficient, happy days, you can avoid the MRI, let's hope that's the case.  Now warm up that milk, and get cosy, put today behind you smiley xx

Here's hoping that a CT will do. Off to warm the milk. xx

Spot on. Diazepam would do the trick and no doubt many other sedatives. Wish you could come down here and go to Colchester hospital. They have brand new scanners which look as though its star trek not a hospital. I had the old one which was noisy.


The scanner I was to use today is based in a mobile unit. I had to report to the reception desk in the main building then make my way to the mobile unit.  I knew this from the time I had my appointment and probably stressing about how I would walk between the two areas. A nurse pushed me in a wheelchair in the end. But as the chair was metal and so are my walking sticks I had to walk to the scanner holding on to a shelf.  Sometimes you wonder do the people who plan these rooms, buildings etc.etc remember not everyone can walk long distances and walk short ones un-aided.

Another day in the life of an S.S.


Hi Kay,

I had a MRI for a non-stroke related brain injury. from personal experiance, there is a big difference between telling someone what to expect and the reality of actually  experiencing it. I am sure that you are not alone in your reaction. You went with every expectation of going through with the procedure, so it’s not a waste of their time.

From a practical standpoint It might be worth discussing options with your GP for anti-anxiety medication and looking at calming self-help techniques to help with the fear and anxiety?




Hi Simon, 

Thanks for your advice if I have to have the MRI repeated I'll definitely take up your suggestions.  Fingers crossed with a bit more preparation I'll get through it.

Kind Regards 



Hi I was going to suggest a CAT scan would be better as I get very  claustrophobic I'm enclosed spaces xx

Great minds think alike.  My consultant thought like you and has requested a CT scan.  Hooray! Just need the date. xx


Hi Kay, that is good news for you.  It will be much better. X


I am totally with you. I had heard all about but NEVER imagined how frightening it would be. I didn’t realise the head would be encaged permanently as I thought it would move while also hating enclosed spaces. My heart was throbbing as if almost jumping out my chest. I almost pressed the ‘stop’ button then instantly thought I had to do it to get to the cause of my stroke. 

When I suffered my seizures the first and second day after hospital discharge I had an MRI again and closed my eyes as soon as I laid down as I knew what to expect. 

I hope you find a relaxation method that helps you through this difficult scenario.

I am so glad you found a strategy to help you through this investigation. It does provide the best pictures of the brain.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have a CT scan. I sailed through this procedure. I got the report last week. It shows the original haemorrhage was completely resolved. Hooray! There is some scar tissue but nil else. Reading the posts on this site I realise that I have been incredibly fortunate with the side effects of my stroke. Weakness of my right arm and leg.  I'm going to the gym twice a week and doing other excercises 3 times a day.  I can walk with a wheeled rollator frame and two walking sticks.  I can carry out my own care without any help.  Including cooking,  ironing and washing up.

I read the posts on this site and learn so much and value the support offered. Thank you for your kind words they are much appreciated. 

Nonetheless you haven't had a plain sailing journey Kay. I commend your positive spirit to be as active as you can be. You are very inspiring. Keep the focus and all the best!

Too kind! Many thanks.