MRI Scan shows 3 'old' strokes. What happens next?

We are so shocked to find my 83 year old husband has had 3 strokes which we didn't even know about. He has been very unwell for more than a year and been in hospital for 3 weeks out of the last 6 but now I'm reading about how stroke can affect you, so much seems to be falling into place. I'm so upset we've just found out. Is it too late to undo some of the effects? He did have trouble swallowing and lost 3 stone but thank goodness that has passed and he's now eating well and slowly gaining weight, still frail though.

There is no real answer to this, just deal with problems as they occur. It is excellent news that he is no longer losing weight, that in itself shows recovery. 


Your husbands story illustrates the fact illnesses can effect us all quite differently.  This is why Doctors so often fail to correctly diagnos strokes in a timely manner.

I am glad you're husbands getting better