MRI Scan results

Just an update that my MRI scan results have all come back normal so still no answers or further on to finding a cure.  GP has referred me for physio which, in my past experience, takes months to be seen.  Only when I said I wasn't happy with that did he agree to refer me to a neurologist.  How long that appointment will take, I've no idea.  At least I can rest knowing that my spine is healthy and there's no scary stuff going on inside it.  

Just to add to the mixture... I'm going in for my gallbladder removing in 3 weeks which I should have had done in 2017 but was cancelled when I had my stroke. At least I can put one tick in the box for that.  

So pleased your results have come back normal, l know it doesn’t answer your questions but like you said at least you know there’s nothing scary going on inside. 

Glad you’ve been refered to a neurologist, you’re right it may take a while for the appointment to be arranged but it may give you some answers. I’ve been referred to neuropsychology for counselling by my GP but know it’s going to take months before I’ll be seen, I hope it will help. 




Thank you for letting us know and glad nothing sinister is showing in your spine. Let’s now wait for the neurologist! Always something! John is waiting to hear about an MRI scan, too. This is for his head (I think)! 

Take care, V&J 

Hi Brenda, 

Glad to hear the spine is okay.  Fingers crossed the neurologist appointment isn't to long. Hope all goes smoothly with the gall bladder OP.

Looks like you're a lady who doesn't do things by halves.   

Kay x

Thanks everyone.  I've had a look on the website for the NHS waiting times for my area and it's 7 months for both physio and the neurologist which is what I expected really. I had to wait 7 months for physio after my stroke.  I may decide to try a private physio but need to concentrate on gallbladder recovery first.  One step at a time as hubby keeps reminding me! I hope all goes well for everyone else waiting for results and consultations.  The waiting game is so frustrating and  depressing.  Take care x

Glad the MRI scan proved worthwhile. Unfortunately, NHS waiting lists grow ever longer. I was put on a list to see a neuropsychologist and that took twelve months to happen. In our area physio appointment waiting times are not too bad, but I am happy with my Active Seniors classes for the over 60s. I have now started to notice an improvement in my weak arm and hand. Good luck with the gall bladder op. Since my stroke I have had two cataract ops and two tooth extractions. By the time the NHS get rid of me, I will be all spare parts!

With so many things going wrong post stroke, I cant deal with several things at once. So I treat one ailment at a time. However, if I am delayed on my prime subject, such as waiting months for an appointment, then I park the prime subject and cncentrate on the next thing.

After three years I actually had a little while when there was nothing further to deal with. Everything then fell in to place. Everything got better and better. Thats a lovely experience and something to look forward to.