MRI problems

I have phoned doctor no joy he told me to phone neurologists secretary she couldnt help me back to the doctor no reply I have nearly given up and I had plucked my courage up tobook one as well. Where do I go next. Oh what joy. Norma.

Hello Norma,

I would either, contact Stroke Association and have someone liaison for you, or also check your hospital and see if they have a stroke coordinator and go through them.


Thanks for the reply  I dont know what doctor is doing  as I phones and told the receptionist and she said she would message him and let me know if he is having trouble I have heard nothin g yet.  norma.

I get the same with my doctor, it's almost as if he hides from me! You could always switch surgeries or change your GP. I have been thinking about it myself. The key is be persistent but polite. Wait a few days and then try again. I too am wiating for another MRI, I will give them a week to send out a confirmation and then contact them again. 

Oh Norma, I feel your frustration.  This isn't acceptable.  Our GP practice is practically 'back to normal', and I've received a follow-up appointment from a clinic I attended at the end of March, so it feels as though the systems are re-organising quite well by now.  

I think you are being given lame excuses, ? and suggest that you don't give up. I think someone else has suggested contacting the Stroke Association as they may be able to bring some pressure to the situation.  How would any of these medical professionals feel if they were in your situation.  I emailed my mother's GP recently as I was very cross with the way they were delaying my mother's care.  He phoned me back within 20 minutes, and after our conversation he contacted a consultant who arranged an MRI within about 3 weeks.

Please don't give up, be persistant ?, you've come so far xxx