Moyamoya Disease

Has anybody else been diagnosed with moyamoya?

I had a clot removed from my carotid artery but no mention was made of moyamoya.  I did a google search and most of the information was USA based, the name originated in Japan apparently. Marylin

Hi Rafk83, I'm sorry I have never heard of this condition, but I did a very brief search.  I assume that as you have a diagnosis, that you are being medicated and monitored ?.  There may be someone on this site who can actually give you more information and support.  Very best wishes for your health - take good care xx

I was diagnosed with moyamoya last year and is the cause of my strokes. Thank you and for you too xx

Moyamoya is narrowing of blood vessels causing haemorrhagic  strokes. Thank you for your reply!

Hi, new here! I have been diagnosed with this disease and was hoping to hear from others about their experiences, treatment, lifestyle changes etc. It’s pretty rare so not expecting many responses, but any sort of hope would be greatly appreciated!

i suffered my first stroke last year, I’ve had several TIAs since, not to mention several panic attacks. My depression and anxiety are the worst they have ever been, a year later and it’s not getting any easier. I live alone and work from home, so it’s pretty lonely and miserable.

Anyway, I’m sure many have similar experiences, so not here to sob, just hoping to connect with someone who has this disease :slight_smile: