My my had a massive stroke in August last year and is still bed bound and can't move her right side or talk.

Visited her today at care home and she was asleep but her right foot was twitching( that's the side effected) could there still be hope she may get movement back? She's 88.

Also love to get her talking again. Any ideas? 

It is never too late. And recovery does come at later stages. Generalizing, it does seem that the fast recovery comes for six weeks, then less fast for six months but it plods along at a modest pace for two years. I am way past two years ( I am three and a half years) and improvement is still trickling along. I am 71 years old, so no youngster.

Improvement is so slow I can hardly notice, but I keep a stroke diary and things are so much better than a year ago. The muscles can deteriorate if they are not being moved and plenty get a bad shoulder. At Mums stage there is nothing wrong with her limbs, its "just" the messaging system.

I was always keen to effect recovery and I avoided depression. It really is down to me (eg to Mum) as no one else can get you better. Support is good, but its me (or Mum) that has to do it. 

Depression is very common indeed and I  believe the stroke will give off the depression waves. The best remedy is to smile (Mum not you !). False, fake or forced smiles are all good. 

My speech took six months to get to a decent stage. I can now talk OK most of the time. 

On the other hand, if Mum wants to stay hidden inside her brain then maybe she is peaceful. I can now look back at the bad bad time post stroke, but I am sure that it was worse for my wife and anyone else trying to help me, than it was for me. 

I do feel for you.


Hi Colin

Thank you for the lovely reply.

Will not give up on mum and I wish you all the best.