Move For Stroke - fundraiser during May

Didn’t quite know where to start this conversation and couldn’t see one already in place sooo…

I am signed up for the #MoveForStroke fundraiser throughout May.

My recovery has been excellent (Stroke in May '21) and this will be a great incentive to keep on keeping on being active. There’s a good community on the Facebook page, are any others taking up for the challenge on here?


Yes I am! I still have slight mobility issues with my left leg so planning on doing 31 minutes and f walking! What are you planning?

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Yes I am ready for fundraising i been walking on my Crutches in home and getting mailed

I have mobility issues now with my right leg can’t walk on it

Hadn’t heard of it, but it does sound interesting.
A link to more info would be good.
(I know, go search for it myself)
I’d like to give it a go in a limited sort of way.

Anyway, more power to you Phil. Well done for taking up the challenge.
I’m sure participating will be rewarding on many levels.
Please get a photo of your efforts and post it here, we’d love to see.

keep on keepin’ on
I hope the weather is good
:sunglasses: :parasol_on_ground:

Just a thought - maybe it could be combined with a phone Zoom call.


I am hopping, you will be okay hoppin too.

:walking_woman: :walking_man:

keep on hoppin’



Hopefully this will give you more info.


Thanks @Mrs5K
i’m up to me elbows in marmalade right now but I am very interested, so I will be following the link and looking it over later.

As I said above the time of 31 minutes would fit nicely into a ZOG session. Perhaps one or two of us could do a communal effort in a virtual meeting.
Any votes for or against?

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Yes thx u just got it i wasn’t feeling good last night with my knee injury

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My just giving page x Did my first day today :+1:t4:


I think I am a little late to the party.
My good wishes and congratulations to all who are taking part.

@RaksP @EssexPhil
particular good wishes to you both for posting this and bringing it to our attention.

keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:

I just looked over your web page, a very impressive effort.
A big round of applause from me and from others too I am sure.
:smiley: :clap:


To be honest I am surprised I have done so well with the donations. The 31 minutes I’m sure will help with my own recovery too! Hopefully can raise a bit more by the end of the month!


I am doing an app based walking challenge called conqueror it’s not free but a virtual walk, you get a medal at the end of it. each challenge is roughly £25.00 but you set how long you want to do it, you also have the chance to see your route and help the planet At 20% increments the app will let you know if you have planted a tree with the Eden project or removed plastic from the ocean, I choose trees.

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Im going to mix it up as much as possible. Work days might be more of a struggle for time. Weekends will be ok and i will hopefully be leading sone walks at the end of May.

I’m fully mobile, and physically back to 95+ percent of the old me and need this for motivation and also improve general fitness. Cross trainer, walks, cycling indoor or outdoor, and some Yoga should get me through .


That is truly blessing from God


Well so far so good on #MoveForStroke.

Day 15 also coincided with the second anniversary of my stroke. Many ups and downs but definitely on an up now, new people I meet can’t tell ive had one :+1:


Well done @EssexPhil a truly good thing to be doing. Good to hear you are on an upward trajectory with your recovery.

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It’s take time for me

30th May was also my 6 month! Managed to complete the challenge! Raised over £600 for stroke association! :partying_face:


Well done @RaksP thats a fabulous total & a great achievement to get through it too.