Mouth drop

Hi, I’ve pretty much recovered from my late Nov 23 stroke, I’m back at work teaching cycling in my local community which is a very physical job and this year we are busier than ever. I do get extremely tired, and long for my bed from early evening!
However a few symptoms remain which slightly bother me. One is that I’ve realised my mouth drops open a lot of the time. I’m not always aware of it but can’ t seem to overcome it by the usual practice, practice, practice method which has worked well for everything else. Can anyone make any recommendations please?


Hi @Maymuna

I don’t have any expertise in the area but just thinking about how I would investigate an experiment…

I’d look for stuff on YouTube and Google Scholar. I’d also thought think about whether there are any attached triggers for example when is your mouth closed, can you repeat the context, I might try things like chewing gum as both a new jaw related activity but also as a muscle strengthener and a bridge between autonomic and conscious muscle control

That’s about as much as my imagination and inspiration runs but I hope that that was useful



That’s fantastic, thanks so much!


I don’t have as a brilliant a suggestion as chewing gum, but how about humming, whistling or singing a few tunes to yourself? Singing is a technique I used to expand and exercise the thoracic cavity. It can also bring awareness and activate your vagus nerve (our longest nerve that connects brain & gut). A bit of Qigong or yoga for some gentle head movements too?

Good luck, Roland


Shwmae @Maymuna, early on after stroke, I noticed I did this. For me, I stopped doing it after a while. Not sure what was causing it.


I used to have it, too,

last week, one friend said “oh you look much better now, your mouth doesn’t droop!”