Motion sickness after a stroke

Hi I’m new to the group 8 years ago I suffered a haemorrhagic stroke whilst almost fully recovered I suffer from some sort of motion sickness does anyone else have this problem it’s akin to mild drunkenness
Also I get pretty disoriented in very dark places
The GP prescribed some prochlorperazine for vertigo without much success I’m 62 and retired by the way any information would be most welcome

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Hi, Welcome to this forum. I’m 5 years post stroke following a hemorrhagic stroke which paralysed my left side. I can relate to the feeling of being slightly drunk and have often described the feeling as having had one too many glasses of wine. I also struggle when it’s dark.

I have no idea why I have these feelings and find it so difficult to explain to people how it feels.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful, sometimes it just helps to know that others have similar problems.
Regards Sue

Thanks :blush: it just seems worse on occasions I guess it might be something I have to live with

Thanks for your reply. The crystal thing has been mentioned by my GP it’s definitely something worth investigating

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Thanks Sue that’s helpful just to know it’s not just me something I can take to my GP

Thanks Loshy that’s just about my exact symptoms
Like you said it’s mostly ok when I’m home but can feel weird in strange places I almost put it down to anxiety

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I was diagnosed with vertigo in the 10 months prior to my stroke. Post stroke my ‘vertigo’ resolved itself. I am now about 1.5years post stroke and 2 weeks ago I experienced my first dizzy spell post the stroke. My doctor has prescribed my prochlorperazine also but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I find it difficult to describe the feeling but I guess it comes pretty close to mild drunkenness.

Have you constantly had this feeling or does it come and go in phases? I am very worried at the moment that my dizzy spell that has led to this bout of ‘vertigo’ was actually something more sinister.

Hi @Alis it’s been pretty constant and mild since I had my stroke but for some reason it gets worse on occasions and that’s why I’ve been prescribed the tablets by my GP it’s occurred 4 times in the last 8 years I hope this helps

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Shwmae @Nick1960, aye, all the time. It’s the main symptom I have after having a cerebellar stroke. I suffer cognitive visual-spatial issues which some people describe as a kind of drunkenness, it is actually oculomotor-vestibular reflex issue resulting from brain injury. Hence, when the light dims, it can exacerbate the feeling.


Thanks Nick! It does

Hi Rups, Funnily enough mine seems to be worse when I am around UV light. Sitting in darkness tends to help me.

Hello @Alis. Similar to Rups, I have a problem with an absent vestibulo occular reflex (VOR). This means the automatic eye movement to keep you feeling stable despite head movement doesn’t happen. I have to lie in the dark when it comes on, which is less often now and I patch my affected eye to help prevent it. I think you would know if this was an issue as the main problem for me is double vision. Hope you get to the cause and that there is something to do to make it easier, Julia


@Nick1960 i suffer vestibular issues too. I jave been prescribed betahistine to take when needed. I also do some VOR (Vestibular Occular Reflex) exercises. Might not be what you have but maybe ideas to discuss with your GP?

Aye, related to things like the convergence-accommodation reflex, where the eyes need to be in association with movement. I am still in a fair amount of pain but it is decreasing, utterly frustrating though, sleeping on my left side every night is becoming tedious. Can’t stretch my arm out without pain, but not painful enough to warrant a GP visit. Ligaments are surely bruised and swollen. It irks me that I feel sorry for Molly because I can’t take her out for a walk, when she was the cause of my injury.

I think common strokes that may result in these kind of issues are ones that are cerebellar, or occipital, or have damaged the Dorsal stream.

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Thanks I’m trying to get an appointment sometime this week I’ll report back any feedback I get from him

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I’m sorry that you are all experiencing this horrible vertigo, but in a way relieved that it is “normal”. I was going to talk to the stroke nurse about it but I seem to have been discharged, so it’s back to my long suffering GP to see if there’s anything she can do about it

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Thanks - I have a lovely GP with a surgery within (even my and my disabled husbands) walking distance so we are very lucky. The hospital is very rural and the stroke nurse is new (or at least was when I had my stroke) so I think I am better off at least starting with my GP


Hi just an update. After a 6 hour trip to the local hospital I’ve had bloods an ECG and bits prodded and poked I’ve been prescribed betahistine and I’m booked in for a CT scan later this week

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Great that you’ve made some progress. Betahistine helps me so hopefully will you too. Good luck withthe scan x

Welcome to this platform. i am sure you will get lots of help here through real and lovely people.
i don’t know how to describe my situation as i feel sick in the car but not every time. If the driver has a habit of harsh breaking, my head spins and i feel like i will vomit.

It is very difficult to explain to GP and get some help. They hardly give you time and when they rush i feel, it is useless and then i just say bye…

So many times i felt ok after finding out so many issues i have and someone will discuss here. it is not nice but at least i know it is something to do stroke.

God bless you all.