Most helpful gift ideas?

Hi there 

wondering if you can help me? A good friend and work colleague recently suffered a stroke unexpectedly in January. He's making good progress on his recovery joinery, after several months in hospital. I'm wanting to send a helpful inexpensive gift to let him know he's being thought of but don't want to send the usual flowers, chocolates etc. Would be great if anyone has any ideas on anything that they received or sent that's been a help / appreciated 

thanks so much for any ideas :-) 

Hi, now this may be a little too "touchy-feely" but years ago someone gave me a little gemstone angel.  It wasn't really my thing, but I accepted it in the loving spirit that it was given.  Funnily enough, when my husband suffered a stroke in 2017, I took my angel and left it inside the pillow case whilst he was in hospital.  We were using our own pillows/pillowcases, so I knew it would be safe.  I didn't tell him at the time, but have shared that with him subsequently.  I know he's quite dismissive of it, but I like to think that my angel was watching over him, and keeping him safe whilst I couldn't be there myself.  

You might have to be more upfront, (I was a bit sneaky!!)  Gemstone angels come in various sizes and various beautiful polished stones, so you can choose one which suits your friend, some are quite neutral polished quartz, others are very bold, strong colours.  I hope you find something suitable ? xx

Depends on his condition but a stress ball is good for hand exercises and can reduce anxiety, a nice drawing pad and pencil/pen if they like to scribble/sketch, lavender spray (good for relaxation), bonsai tree and bonsai book (you can make one yourself from tree sapling, nice to have a gentle project to work on while recovering). I got a box of knot cards and some rope, I do a knot a day, it's a good distraction for my mind and also helps with my hand coordination. 

It may not look very useful but I bought this for my husband 

Vive Sock Aid - Easy On and Off Stocking Slider - Pulling Assist Device - Compression Sock Helper Aide Tool - Puller, Donner for Elderly, Senior, Pregnant, Diabetics - Pull Up Assistance Help not expensive £12.99. This has helped him to be able to put his socks on himself.

Another thing that you could do rather than buy is to make a booklet of work collegues best wishes, sometimes its not how much you spend but the thought that goes into it.

Sorry if this is not helpful but my first time posting since my husband stroke back in January.


How about a book called Had a stroke? Now what? by Tom Balchin. It'll help him understand what's happened and what to expect.

Not sure if his stroke has affected his writing but maybe a journal so he can make notes of his progress and look back at how far he has come in the future?  I agree with the stress ball. They are great for calming down and good for the hand co-ordination.  

I have a key ring which is a 3D image of an angel in a square cube which  was given to me by the Vicar of our local Minster. When I was a florist, I did a large door wreath decoration for the Christmas raffle.  I was really touched and I still have her in my car today. She comes with me everywhere and I feel she is watching over me.angel