More gloom

How much more bad news can we take, Petrol shortages now food disappearing from supermarket shelves. It ia very difficult to stay positive but we have to take one day at a time as the song goes. How do you all feel about it all.  I am a negative person unfortunately that doesnt help at all. Sorry about the moan. Norma Jean.

Hello Norma Jean

It is very depressing. I agree that we can just do a day at a time. How are you doing on results from your tests? You may have told us but I don't sign on every day. Best wishes Hilary

Norma, around 1956, they predicted the world would end on a particular day in June. I waited in terror and trepidation all day, but it never happened. I grew up in post war austerity, so going without something is no new experience. Besides, I don't need a boob job, liposuction, lip fillers or a face lift. Hair would be nice, but heigh Ho, onwards we go.

Thanks for replying Hilary. I dont know the results of my mri head xray. I am going to see the neurologist on the 24th October. I did have a letter but it just said it was age related but I know there is more to it than that and I cant wait to see him to question him about it. Originally when I first saw him he said it could be my inner ear but nothing has happened about that.  I cant go on living like I am I cant explain  to anyone how my head feels. I cant do a lot at all and I get very frustrated. Hope everything is alright with you. Best wishes Norma.

I was born in 1939 the year the war broke out aand we lived through rationing so I know what it is like to go without. I was just raising the issue to see how everybody felt about it all. The last two years have been awful first brexit then covid. I think it should start to get better now. still as you say onwards as we cant do anything about it. Thanks for replying. All the best Norma.

Dear Norma

You have a date anyway. I asked a neurologist if my diagnosis of stroke related epilepsy could be checked in a year. He wrote to my doctor that he would contact me in a year but nothing happened. I get worried about having a seizure due to stress which is one cause of having one. I must just be thankful nothing has happened so far. 

I hope your visit to a neurologist goes ahead and that you get some resolution of your queries. Best wishes


I do hope they cotact you soon Hilary that must be very unpleasant for you. It is very kind of you to take interest in my problem I just feel that everybody is different to me. I forget what normal was like. Thanks again. Norma.

Dear Norma. I too was born at the beginning of the war, so like you I now what it is like to go without. The last two years have been hard especially for those of us separated from our families because of Covid. We must stay positive and believe things will improve. I hope your mri results will answer your problems and that you will begin to feel better. A stroke is hard to deal with in addition to all other problems in the world. Best wishes Lilian

I say this norma , let them eat cake ,w'ell concentrate on our recovery ,  ourselves and the support we have around us , let the rest que up , fill up and carry on  with the petrol crisis 

Thanks Carl I agree with you  we have to get on with it whatever is going on, Life isnt easy after a stroke  especially when you have been very active which most of us has. That is the thing I have struggled most with I et very frustrated wanting to do the things I used to do. Norma.

Thanks Lilian I am affraid that since the stroke I make mountain s out of molehills I just want life to carry on with the least amount of problems. I am a worrier that doesnt help at all. Norma.

Norma, It is hard not to worry, we all do to some extent. I find just to walk round the garden on my own helps. I used to read a lot but since my stroke I find difficulty in concentrating.We seem to always have problems. Recently our oven broke and so it was salads for tea!! Now the dishwasher has packed up. I cannot help my husband yet so this is yet another chore for him. A good job he is patient and says he loves me!! We always find things to laugh about though. Laughter helps with everything. Keep Lilian

It's ok fuel is not a problem people are making it worse by being daft. Has for food we will have enough food for s good Christmas meal might not have all the options but thing could be a lot worse the media like to put a downer on things and make problem were at times there is not one. Hope all is well des