More cooking adventures - Ninja marmalade

My Ninja marmalade notes

I decided to post this recipe after initially getting a poor set, I reboiled and the marmalade is now properly set.
The recipe will work for any Instant Pot type cooker.

This small batch will allow you over time to slowly tweak the recipe to your taste, without wastage. When you reach the product that suits you it will scale up and larger quantities can be prepared. So keep notes of the times, quantities and ingredients that you prefer.
I don’t recommend reducing sugar as this will prevent proper setting.

This made 3 x 500ml jars of tasty nicely set marmalade.

Equipment (useful but not all essential)

Ninja Foodi max
mandolin or sharp knife
pocket thermometer
sterilized Kilner jars
jam funnel

Ninja Foodi max


Pocket thermometer

Kilner jars
kilner jars

Jam funnel



two oranges 590g
juice 1 lemon 4tbsp ( jif lemon juice is okay)
granulated sugar 1180g (double weight of oranges)
water 1180g (double weight of oranges)


Select two oranges with the nicest skin from a pack of supermarket oranges.
Weigh the oranges, make a note of this to calculate sugar and water needed.
Thoroughly wash the fruit under running water and dry with a paper towel.

With a sharp knife cut the oranges in half on a clean chopping board.

Next cut the halves into thin slices, a mandolin or a sharp knife could be used.
Discard the ends if they are just skin and pith, also remove any areas with blemishes and any seeds you might find.

Cut the slices in half again to produce quarters.

Transfer the quarters and any juice into the Ninja Foodi pot together with the lemon juice.
Add a mugful of water (300ml) and pressure cook on Hi for 15 minutes with natural release (about ten minutes)

Add water (double weight of oranges) to Ninja pot.
Then add the sugar needed. (double weight of oranges)
Heat to boiling on Saute.
Stir sugar in as mixture heats up, until all dissolved.

At boiling point reduce to a simmer uncovered for two hours on setting 2.

Then turn up to medium heat (setting 3) boiling until temperature reaches 105°C (about another 15 mins).
You will see a large amount of fine froth, continue boiling and this froth will completely cover the surface of the marmalade.Continue to heat until the foam subsides to a more relaxed, steady boil.
At this point the marmalade is ready to bottle.

When it reaches temperature ladle the marmalade through a jam funnel into sterilized Kilner jars or similar. Seal and allow to cool. Store in a cool, dark place. We put them in the fridge, but a cool cupboard is fine.

The marmalade can be tried straight away, although it will keep if sealed for a considerable time. Once opened keep it in the fridge.

You could use it to make a marmalade sponge pudding, glaze a roasted meat, make marmalade bread and butter pudding, put a spoonful in yogurt or on ice cream, or simply serve it up on toast. It will be delicious whichever way you use it.

You can modify this recipe, make additions, use different citrus fruit but it makes a simple tasty preserve which is good as it is.
It is well worth trying and has been a regular in our household for many years.

Try adding a little cider vinegar, whisky, some ginger, try some brown sugar, or use a different variety of citrus fruit, the recipe can be adjusted with interesting results.
Experimentation is recommended.

I wish you success. Enjoy and share your culinary concoctions.

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I’m quite proud of slicing the oranges, I’d dearly love to have my skills back in my right hand and arm, but for a left-hander I think I’m doing okay.
Hilary takes the photos now, and I think she does an excellent job.
Maybe one day I will be able to hold and operate a camera again, until then I have a great photographer to stand in for me.


Very Impressive array of pics


Amazing @Bobbi you should be very proud of your slicing skills. I’d have probably chopped my finger off :rofl: thank you for the recipe. I agree that @HHilary makes a great photographer :grin:


The thing is not half as complicated as it sounds and just two oranges give you a fair bit of marmalade. I hope you give it a try.
I agree that it probably tastes better without bits of finger ends in it.

Hilary is just great all round to be honest. :heart:


thats a nice sentiments to share - ive got 1 too - called Lea :slight_smile:


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Thought of you…

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It is worth having a go.

This marmalade is really yummy, we are just about to start the 2nd jar if/when I can get the top off.

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Enjoy your marmalade.

I have one of these for jar opening. I got fed up of struggling. I couldn’t wait for my food that long :rofl::rofl:


You’ve seen photos of Hilary’s jar opener elsewhere on the forum. He is relatively inexpensive but I don’t think she would be pleased if she found him being shared around.

I’m pleased to announce that the sticking marmalade lid has been loosened and will add that he also resolved the computer problem where file icons had suddenly and inexplicably shrunk to a tiny size all by themselves.

The jar opener and file icon resizer is feeling very pleased with himself and would be happy to accept a well deserved tasty mug of hot chocolate as reward for his efforts.

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If you don’t blow your own trumpet around here its certain no-one will blow it for you!


Too right @Bobbi :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Smart arm! :tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks like it might do the trick @Mrs5K Anne at least it wont answer back. :joy: :rofl:

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That’s a good enough reason to buy one in my book @HHilary :rofl::rofl:


Here’s a picture of that jar, mentioned above, with its lid off.
A crust with some of the marmalade is included to show you what it is all about.

Thanks again, Hilary. More great photography.


It is proper tasty though I say so myself.

Two oranges made three jars like this . . .


The marmalade we made is well down in the third and last jar.
It is time to think about making some more. It will take just over a kilo of sugar and two oranges to make three 500g Kilner jars of the delightful concoction.

We will have no trouble disposing of it spread on slices (preferably crusts) of hot buttered toast.

I’m hoping to eventually compile the recipe and its pictures as a PDF file.

In the meantime the recipe with method and ingredients is posted earlier in this thread.

Dedicated to the memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington Bear.

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