More cheating

 not to take anything away from the lady whose husband had the stroke and is now cheating on her my situation is the other way around 27 months ago I had my stroke I'm doing well all Things Considered but I found out a few days ago that my husband has been cheating I have had to come to terms with my disability but I don't think that he has particularly the physical side of a marriage I am moving out I have found a flat that is perfect for my limited mobility but of course at the moment I'm feeling a little lost by the way I do not live in England I live in France and cope very well with living here thanks for listening

Karen, I think the husband of the lady you refer to was straying before his stroke. Nevertheless, it is a sad truth that Stroke challenges relationships. Yours has broken down and that must be very painful. I wish you all the best for your new life.

Dear Karen,


Yes my husband cheated on me, but I only found out because I saw the messages on his phone after the stroke. I think maybe now he regrets it, he doesn't know I know, because it would be devastating for him healthwise, and I can not undo what he did. The only thing I wish was that he told me in the first place, because I have always told him no one can hold you in a marriage where for whatever reason love has gone. In my husband's case, he loves me, but he wanted to see, I assume, if at 57 he still could make a 25 year old girl fall for him, or maybe he really wanted out of the marriage. I can never ask him now, I would be too afraid of the consequences. He says he loves me, I am not sure if it is genuine, or if he is afraid now and knows he can't be with this other girl. But, in all honesty, I wish with all my heart he can recover and I will do all I can to make it possible. Perhaps, one day, he will tell me himself why he cheated. I love him, but I can't shake off  the deep hurt I feel for being changed at 45 for a 25 year old woman. Now I feel my femininity has been taken away from me, or, I should say, my confidence as  woman at being able to keep my husband's love for me alive. But, all I am telling you comes from a state of deep confusion. Today my husband will have a PEG tube fitted. I can not focus on the cheating aspect. Even if, deep within my heart I considered leaving him, I am too much afraid of karma to do it. It would be like seeing someone drowning and leaving him or her to die, knowing you could have saved them. If my husband was healthy, I mean, not have had the stroke, depending on his explaination, I would leave him or work on the marriage.

I hope I did not rabbit on too much. I really wish god gives you the strength to make the best decision for your life.