What with power and gas going up 53% fuel for car going up ,shopping going up, how is everyone doing with there budget. Is there any tips that people have that you could pass on to others. As for me my car needs a new clutch hand brake and not. We though about just having one car, but that would leave my unable to get out as my wife works, so we are having to press on. Saving have taken a big hit, so I made a new budget let’s hope it works . I do not know about others but living on one wage min pay and SSP then ESA of 77 pound as been hard, to cap it off my wife had a fall during her work as a care worker, firm would not pay her so was on SSP for 6 weeks. We tried to claim for her but advice was it’s hard to know who to blame and without that it’s just one if those things. Great I though I did write to higher management saying what I thought about this situation I did use daily kind words but made my point, surprise surprise to date not heard back lol. Hope all is well stay safe with kind regards des

Should be mot instead of not lol

@Des_murphy I have just gone on to half pay with my employer so paying the bills until I return to work is going to be difficult. They have massively increased and because I’ home more am using more electric etc. I too have worked out a budget and will see what happens. Hubby’s income has dropped too as he has to take time out to take me for appointments (he’s self employed so no work no pay). I guess it will be a case of shopping around and trying to ensure nothing is wasted. Oh and I need to educate hubby on portion control as I’ve not had appetite since my stroke so don’t eat much :blush:

@Loshy I have submitted a PIP application…who knows when we’ll hear about that.
I haven’t applied for ESA. I usually work full time although currently off sick. I have just gone on to half pay & the letter I had from my employer said I might be able to claim ESA when my entitlement to SSP runs out sometime in June. I do need to look into it but was kinda hoping I might be back at work before then.

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Des, Turn off switches for kettles, toasters etc. Dry washing outside and not in tumble drier. Shop around. Lidl and Aldi are great for basics. Use slow cooker instead of oven. Only fill electric kettle with water you need. Turn central heating down a degree or two. Don’t have takeaways. When you bake, cook more than one item. Buy and use steamer on one hob ring.


There are things like Warm Home Discount if you are on certain benefits. Also some broadband providers will discounted rates.

Have got rid of second car and only travel on (free but only 4 times a day) bus or if husband or daughter want to go too, make do and mend, batch cook when I can and worry about the money but realise that we are luckier than many

Most of the things you have said we do we cannot put washing outside get still not finished the back yard and my wife says no outside drying till it’s all done she is the boss :sweat_smile: hope all is ok with kind regards des

Sorry to hear you had to give up u job but health comes first take care with kind regards des

If you do need ESA you can apply three months before you SSP ends as it takes that long to get it with kind regards des

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Fine here, thanks Des. These are hard times and we can only do what we can, but there are limits for all of us.

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I too went onto half pay, then my employer got a private doctor to assess me. on his recommendations that I was unfit for work. they made me redundant. have struggled to get benefits as I have worked. PIP declined twice, social care advised council to get me a wet room but declined as they means test, and as I have redundancy money they will not help. I do receive the higher ESA, but it’s hard to shop with litle money coming in

Hi Chris when you say you were turned down twice for pip can I ask was this your first time and asked for a MR review or was it has u applied twice.

A lot of people get turned down because they have not meant there scoring system or after a MR review here have up. Did you take DWP to tribunal as 73% of cases are won when taken to court. I got turned down first time tooka MR review and got standard living daily pip. If you need any advice or support drop me a line with kind regards des

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Hi Des tip I picked up from Eastern European lady years ago. Back home she told me power was intermittent could go off without warning for hours. So to get maximum use of power when it was on, whenever she used pressure cooker for potatoes, soups and stews made enough for three four meals it was a habit she’d kept for years and made sense. Why pressure cook a few spuds for the two of you each day ! Pds

hi Des
sorry for late reply, have had covid and it has knocked me for 6. yes it was my first time. I had a review and pointed out errors there end thy investigated, but same result. still chasing them, so haven’t quite finished with them yet.