It's hard when you aren't earning anymore and unable to work because of your stroke. I have been very down lately because of this. Not entitled to esa because my husband earns to much apparently although we don't see what they see. Apparently not entitled to housing benefit again because of the same reason. I have 3 children behind with our rent I don't know what to do. Has anyone else had this and did things get better?

Hi Have you applied for PIP, its a bit of a process but worth it and it is not means tested. Get your stroke coordinator to help you with the forms they are a bit daunting. 


Hi Stacey, it is hard definitely. Wendy is right, PIP is something you may be entitled to if you have ongoing disabilities as a result of stroke. The Stroke Association factsheet explains all the benefits. See here:

Also there is a type of ESA that is not linked to your partner's income - - I'd hope that when you were assessed for ESA, you were assessed for this type too but sharing just in case. 

Is your rent privately paid or housing association? Housing Associations may offer support to you in terms of advice and plans to help you financially.  Maybe try speaking to Citizen's Advice about what to do regarding rent and getting behind. 

Hi Wendy, yea I have just waiting to hear now.

Hi Janine,

Thank you for all that info I will look into it. My house in private rent. Just yesterday I got word they will help us with some of the rent.

It’s a total disgrace. Basically it’s a case of bend over while I take a long run up to boot you up the a**e!

Hi again Janine is right about the esa,  I am in the contribution based group which means I have paid all my required stamps.  My husband's part time income does not effect this.  Dependent upon whether you feel/are able to return to work you could get put into the Support group which will mean no more applying for jobs or providing certificates.  I had to attend another assessment, but the lady I saw was very understanding, and I am now in the support group.  It is worth checking it out.   I am 61 so the number of stamps you have paid will depend upon your age.  Talk to your local stroke support coordinator who may also be able to help.  Contact your landlord and explain whats happening, they may be understanding and be able to reduce your rent, while you get things sorted. Wendy

They quite often turn you down on your first application, if they do put in an objection & request a review. I know a few people this happened to & they were all accepted on the review & at the top rate. If posible make a copy  of your original application, to refer to later if neaded.

Pauldc your right 

Pauldc your right 

Hey I'm 28 and have missing stamp so looking into paying that and hopefully that will help me get esa.