Mobility Scooter

J messaged a while ago i was looking for a folding scooter to go in the car, well i now have one but not the 1 was had looked at. Due to my husband having a heart condition the weight was an important factor as well. It splits into parts - the back wheels & seat come off plus the steering column drops down and fits into the boot. It has a lithium battery which you can remove to charge leaving the rest in the car. It was a small mobility shop called UKS Mobility on Washway Rd in Sale, The staff there are great, no rush, let me try the 2 they thought might suite me. They sell all kinds of mobility items. They said they were getting a lighter one in a few weeks if i wanted to wait to see it. After a couple of weeks they rang to say it was in. This is the 1 we bought in the end after they let my husband see if it would fit in the car before buying it. Have been in the park with my husband to take the dog for a work but have yet to try how i cope going up/down on the pavement. When i have tried this plus learn’t how to control it better might try it in the shops if the isle are wide enough. I had thought of putting a pair of L plates for fun. Will let you know hoe i go on if i go out anywhere other than the park


you should find supermarkets are OK, but some small shops pile stuff everywhere. Plus the other customers get in your way, so practise reversing out of tight spots. Good luck when you do go out.

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@Brenda1946 that sounds great & a fab shop by the seems of it too.

Enjoy your new adventures. Xx