Mobility scooter

Hi all I'm looking for a mobility scooter that can fold for car boot, plus able to be used on grass cut and gravel been looking on websites but so many and brain fog sets in any information greatly received.


Hi Mick , I risked it & bought second hand Luggie , off e.bay, after lots of research. Good / my wife can put in car boot ok , seems well built compared to some , someone does not have to push me in wheelchair. Not  negatives , but poss consider, expensive when new, only one main supplier ,they have monopoly, better version is with wider front wheels , more stable, managed twice to tip over , once rather embarrassing,  lady had to help me back on ,bless her . Not off road. 

Not negative for me , good walking speed , my brain gets sensory overload & could not manage more than half hour.  I would also point out , I belive as others have found . Before spending money , on something to help your disability,  it is a bit like almost buying into the false dream of the latest car . I felt it would give me a new lease of life,  but it only helped a bit . 2 years on from stroke, pleased I bought it though. Good luck ! David .

Hi David thanks for reply been looking but most are preorder and the ones with wheels in front really narrow as you found out when you tipped over mick

Hi Mick , let us know how you get on . Thanks David. 

Hi David sorry for delay in responding but have been having hard time with memory and brain overload, now have mobility scooter and been out first time today with granddaughter feeling really weird being out didn't go far but first trip 


Hello Mick , bit of freedom ! Advise,  don't be like me & overdo it . 2 nd time on my own,  brain fog toppled ! Couldn't get myself back on , kind lady stopped car & helped me . Laying there I was conscious,  no one would help me due to CORONA. Mine is slow version for footpaths.  Decided anything that helps me is good, ie . Walker , easy access shower , grab rails & now sign on front door,  stating disabled,  do not ring & leave parcels in box . Also really appreciate living in bungalow ! Your dog ? Miss my Cairn terrier terribly , died three years ago.  Would love a dog , but couldn't manage. Happy scooting   David. 

Hi David glad you're ok yes will take it easy been out again today and went in shop with my helper my granddaughter pavements are bit bumpy but did go at slower speed, have grab rail in shower can manage stairs at moment understand you missing your dog ziggy spend all day with me take care mick


Hello Mick , not many of us with scooters ? Enjoy & update. 

Thanks David. 

Will do didn't go out today raining