Missing links

Why have the various links that used to be available on this page (see below) now been removed?
I use the links all the time now they’ve gone without any warning to the users that it was going to happen!

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I don’t know, it seems to be getting shorter and shorter these days. I guess they must be refining it or something :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


@CommunityAdmin I don know if I’m going senile or not, but I can’t seem to find the Users switch for list of users. On my pc it used to be in the left hand drop down menu I’m sure :thinking:

I feel like its one of those occasions where you put something but when you go back to it its not there and you start to wonder if maybe it was moved, or maybe that isn’t where I thought I’d put it :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Maybe if I turn the computer off and on again it will come back or maybe I’ll just go take a couple paracetamol and have a lie down. I do wish people would be considerate enough to at least warn us before they move or take things :woozy_face:


Don’t you think one should not just remove things that people use everyday & rely on

Why remove it?
Where is the claimed consult?

Did you see that the bug we both raised about formatting of news web pages when viewed through the forum menu - where I was told I have to go to the stroke association’s software supplier directly !! has now been resolved - that’s great but…



You can still access the functionality with the following links You just don’t have the convenience of the links being created for you by the menu





Thanks for the link Simon the person I was looking for was the second link because she joined in December :smile: I can message now :slightly_smiling_face:


There may be another way too

Did you know you can use some magnifying glass and type the username in and then change the drop-down from posts to users and you’ll get a list of those that match your search term?

I’m sure the maintenance going on is well intended and as well as eventually lead to a smoother environment - But it could be good to discuss whether people use everyday but their usage patterns are and how they will be assisted or What workarounds they might use :slight_smile:

The fore warning would also be a good bit of bridge building :slight_smile:


Its just a brain recall issue, sometimes I need the visual prompt to recall. So it was just a matter of looking down the list is all :wink: I couldn’t remember her name.


there is a post about a workaround (?) after the event about the search function .

It's in a topic that has already been closed so none of us can comment on it there :(

Why not just reverse the deletion?

The search function will find individual users.
There isn’t a need to use the advanced filters if using the desktop interface - the search box will suggest any matching users as well as topics and tags.
On the mobile app you do have to select users but if you don’t you get a list of matching posts and then you can tap a profile picture and you get taken to the same place as if you’d searched users and then selected them from that list.

but it’s not the replacement of the function that is available through the removed links to display multiple users with some statistics


They are easily a made available through the removed menu function But the menu function is just a shortcut for the actual URL that needs to be used.

From here you can still apply the filters of period and select columns for different sort orders with the desktop interface.
If you use the mobile app … You can still do it but why am I explaining it when we could have a menu option for it?


Also the badges link on that menu has been deleted too.
That is https://onlinecommunity.stroke.org.uk/badges


And the MyPosts link which provides a quick link to one’s profile activity page - If you use a browser then go to the link https://onlinecommunity.stroke.org.uk/u/YourScreenNameHere/activity and bookmark it


There are actually quite a lot of things that can be in that menu - For example

Some of these functions require plugins not loaded to ‘our’ forum

Now if you wanted to tidy the menus up you might ask people in the forum which ones do you and don’t you use?


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