Missing frogs

Has anyone with a pool noticed the frogs are missing this year. Normally about this time of year our pool would be full of frogspawn there is none this year and the weather is lovely. I am worried where they have all gone. Norma Jean.

Hi @Norma_Jean_K - well I haven’t got a pond but my brother-in-law sent me a video yesterday of the tadpoles in their pond. They live in Malvern.

Hi Norma that’s a puzzle ? Once they use a pool they usually return as do their offspring. Some years are better than others . Herons would take them. Years ago was trimming round pond in autumn and found butchered frogs covered up with foliage, it was a minks cache of food for winter. So mink would take them, can’t think of anything else. Ask neighbours who have ponds if they have same problem ? Grass snakes also would take them. Let us know if there just late. Pds

Thanks for your reply as I have said my sister and a friend have pools and there are no frogs in there either.

Thanks for your reply we do have herons on occasions but I dont think they could have had all of them.

That’s interesting. I got a phone call from my daughter asking “how many frogs make a plague?” She’s got loads of them but so far no frogspawn

Hi Norma another thought just came to me. You said herons visit your pond, herons nest very early in year and would now have very hungry youngsters, and if parents find a good source of food that saves them making long flights they’d arrive at the crack of dawn to exploit it. Nature Red in beak and claw ! Have friend who has very-large pond full of goldfish and he moans I don’t mind them taking the odd one but they have taken lot, he had a heronry near by and put two and two together. Goldfish originated from brown carp and often produce brown offspring,and as these are not so visible to the herons my friend ended up with a pool full of these.Ponds and pools are so important so stay vigilant. Pds

There are dozens of frogs just appeared and a lot of frog spawn. So everything seems to be alright now. They were late appearing this year. All day long ther is a chorus coming from the pool. To watch them is great. Thanks for replying. Norma.

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