I am sitting at the hospital waiting on my ride but I am so happy right now.I got my feeding tube out!!! I’m wireles lol and one step closer to I don’t know normal, independence I don’t know and right now I don’t care I am just so happy :blush::grin:


Oh Satchley, I’m so happy for you :people_hugging: :hugs: :people_hugging: :hugs: :partying_face: :laughing:

Hey there’s independence just to being wireless again, and it’s just the moral boost you need right now. You never said you had all that going on :woozy_face: No wonder you were so down in the dumps. Let’s see some more positive progress like that in your future :partying_face:

Today seems to be the day on here of good news :grin:

Great news @SATCHLEY1 cant imagine how awful that has been foryou.

Enjoy a more comfortable nights sleep

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That’s fantastic news @SATCHLEY1 another step forward on the recovery road x

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