Mild stroke at 35


My name is Kelly im a nurse and a week ago I had a mild stroke (PACS). Im very lucky my left was minimally affected but no real reason why , i think its hitting home what actually happened.

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@TootieB Hi Kelly, welcome to the forum although very sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke. It’s a lot to take in especially as you’re so young. Take your time to absorb what has happened.

There’s lots of advice & support on this forum. Hope you find it as useful as I have.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann x


I’m 39 had a minor stroke last week too.

It is my left leg which has been effected.

Wishing you luck in your recovery!


Hi Tootsie B, So sorry to hear had you a stroke and so young. Listen to your body, don’t be to keen to re enter the fray as yet. There is lots of advice and support on this site, including some young contributors. All the best for your recovery, Moira. :bouquet:

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Hope your recovery is going well

Hi @RaksP up and down days tbh , thank you for checking in.

I hope you are well in yourself also

Hi TootieB, when I phoned Stroke Helpline shortly after coming out of hospital I said I’ve had mild stroke, not a bad one, woman on line pulled me up with jolt ! All strokes are bad your lucky you’ve have no major disability. So that’s the way I view my Stroking now. Sounds like me , we were blessed but it’s still a hill to climb and difficult at times to keep whistling. Good luck to you on this unasked for journey Paul


Ive never seen it that way, i feel like because i was lucky i dont have the right to not be 100% because of my stroke.
But its so simple all strokes are bad! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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