I suffered a stroke in December at the age of 40. They have discovered a hole in my heart and have now concluded I had a migraine which caused the stroke along with the blood passing through the chamber of my heart. I have been discharged but i am feeling a little pushed to one side. I have several side affects from the stroke but consultant didnt seem bothered :-(

Hi Lb

So sorry to hear about your stroke, and that the consultant is dismissing your side effects. You could consider joining a stroke support group so you can seek support from people in a similar position to you. You can search for a support group in your area here - https://www.stroke.org.uk/clubs%20

Take care

Vicki smiley

Have you at least been given a course of treatment as a preventative measure for the future? If not, I'd be hassling my GP for a further referral.

It does seem the be that the main solution post-stroke at the moment is to medicate for prevention. PFO closure is not currently a "thing" on the NHS, but look around on this site for other questions about PFO - It may help you understand it a bit better.

Best of luck for the future.

PS. Sadly the search on this site is currently *RUBBISH* so searching for PFO is not useful. Have a browse though. the discussions are there to be found.

I have found you have to chase up everything or you will be left. Originally according to Doctors I was just stressed and following an MR I they discovered I had a stroke. Like you I have since found out I have a hole in my heart and again waiting to see a Consultant. I am on medication to hopefully prevent future strokes. I have a weakness in my right arm and leg so have chased and finally had my first session of physio. Keep chasing if you are not happy and good luck.