Migraine with aura

Hello everybody I hope you’re all having a lovely Easter.
I’ve had a migraine with aura today lasting 20 mins. I do not get a headache as such just discomfort in the forehead. I would have had them before my stroke which happened on February 12th this year.
Anybody else suffer these it’s just a bit more scary now with having had the stroke? Thank you.

@flo99 you have my sympathy. I haven’t had a migraine with aura since my stroke but I did used to get them a few years back. Lasted about 20 mins like you say but made you feel yuck whilst it lasted.

If it’s something you’re used to having hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. If you’re concerned then ring 111 for advice.

Take it easy x

@Mrs5K Thank you for your reply, I had taken a fairly strong probiotic today one which I have not taken before maybe that was the trigger as I cannot figure out what else could have caused it. That was the only thing I did different. Have maybe 6 a year. Thank you for your advice. Hope things are good for you? x

Mine used to come on randomly but the probiotic could have triggered it. Hope you’re feeling better now.

All ok with me apart from my fuzzy head but i get that a lot since my stroke. :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

@Mrs5K The fuzzy heads seem to be a common theme with stroke, menopause of course can throw a wee curve ball into the mix. I suppose we just have to go at a different pace now. Glad you’re doing well. Take care x


Hello @Loshy Haven’t really over stretched myself to be honest just a bit tired but I am sleeping ok and resting. Thinking maybe was a histamine response to the probiotics the more I read about it. I could be wrong. So I am on Clopidogrel as well and thought that would have helped but have a lot of mild headaches lately. Drinking water like a wee fish now. Have a GP appointment this coming Thursday so shall run it past him. Thank you for your reply. I hope you are doing well? Have a lovely Easter

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Morning, Ive just had the same on waking this morning. I used to get them a few years ago. Just wondering what your GP said to you? As you say, more worrying after stroke….
Thanks Kerry x

@normankerry I apologise for only replying now. I haven/'t been on in a while. GP suggested treating the migraines if they continued to increase in frequency. I had a neurology review with the consultant Neurologist recently and he said that migraine does indeed increase your risk of stroke. I hope you continue to be well.

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Hi @normankerry I’m very glad to hear that. I’ve had 2 migraine with aura since my stroke but I do think in my case it is a histamine response. Luckly no ill effects that I’m aware. Are you taking medication for the migraine?