Might sound weird

after 2 mini strokes i’m on blood thinners and wondered can anyone let me know if you can still get tattoos and piercings when you take blood thinners?didnt know where to ask so maybe someone on here can advise me? thanks

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I would ask your physician, but I’m pretty sure that is a hard and resounding NO. I have been told not to and I believe that was the reason, but I could be wrong.

I would also say no to that question. I carry an alert card to say I am on anticoagulant medication. Whenever I go for any medical treatment (including blood tests or injections) I show my alert card to the clinical staff.

ok was thinking the same.thanks to you all

Are you actually on blood thinners ?Eg warfarin because if you’re on the more common clopidogrel that’s an antiplatelet that is often called a blood thinner, and not quite so scary :slight_smile:

Generally speaking the advice is to take a rest from them for a few days. I’m clopidogrell and had some dental work and didn’t have to stop taking my meds and the dentist wasn’t concerned but did need to know. I would extrapolate the same considerations apply with other procedures that cause bleeding.

Your pharmacist should be able to give you sound advice and probably be a lot easier to contact than a GP. May actually know more than a GP. Your tattooist also should know about medications that would affect their services, I think I’d be unwilling to go to one who wasn’t aware of the medical implications!


If it is clopidogrel you are taking rather than warfarin then I think you can. I know of people who have. You must tell the tattoist though.

I have had an ear piercing since my stroke, i too am on blood thinners. i didnt ask anyone i just did it, but tattoos i would suggest asking

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