Message disappeared

I sent a message yesterday and somehow it has disappeared. I regularly loo at the forum as I spend a lot of time sitting and finding things to occupy myself and just lately there is no new messages on the forum. Has something changed as I am not a computer wizzard and easily get mixed up with it. I   hope that somebody can help me. Norma.

Dear Norma. I can sympathise with you. I too have problems with the Friends Forum I struggle on, can always read messages posted by others but not replies I send! Best luck with your attempts.Lilian fellow confused.

Thanks Lilian I wont give up and keep trying. One day it will click and I will be alright.  Hope all is well. Norma.

Dear Norma. I got your reply. Well done you and me! I am very well at the moment, still trying hard with my walking and talking. My husband seems the only one who can't understand me! A friend of mine says it is wife deafness, a common failure for husbands. What do you think? Love Lilian

Hi Norma - yes this site can be seriously frustrating at times ?.  Try using the "My Messages" icon, towards the top right hand side when you are on the main forum.  Any messages sent to you (or a reply to something you have posted), can be found there.  Then you can use the "replied to" icon to look back and follow the thread of messages.  Hope I've managed to explain that clearly!!  ?‍♀️? xx

Thanks for your reply I will give it a try. Norma.

Mines the same says he doesnt hear me when I talk to him I thind he is just not listenening to me. He thinks I moan a lot but does not know what I am going through. Thanks for replying Lilian.  Norma.

Well, my partner, if I grumble about how I am feeling any given day responds with, 'You're always unwell.' This of course is a sweeping comment, as there are many times during the day, I perk up, but some days I'm just so up against it, I can't devote my time and energy into anything else other than getting through the day. My partner finds getting frustrated with me is a coping mechanism for herself, so I just let her get on with it, knowing that if it helps her, then it's no bad thing. 

Hello Norma. Thank you for your reply. I don't think anyone knows what we are going through. I especially dislike being told how well I look when I know it isn't true! I suppose people have the best of intentions We could write a book about all of  our dislikes we have been told. Lovely to hear from you. Best wishes Lilian

Hi Rups. I am not sure what what Rups stands for? My husband feels I am not ill which is his coping mechanism! This can be hard at times when I am struggling. Everyone is different. Best wishes Lilian.

Hello Lilian, Rups is an abbreviation of my full forename, Rupert. It tends to be easier for people to remember and write. 

Hello Rupert. I much prefer it and as an ex teacher I am used to remembering names but in my long career you are  the first "Rupert" I have come across! A family name? Lilian

Yes, my great-great grandfather who was a teacher smiley The name doesn't crop up much apart from Rupert Murdoch and Rupert Bear. 

Thank you for your reply. It does sound a distinguished name but I like to think more of Rupert Bear , more appealing than Rupert Murdoch! I was named after an aunt who had died at age twenty six. For many years until I reached twenty six I was sure that this would be my fate! As you can see thankfully that did not happen!! Lilian

Sorry reread my post, should have read, died at twenty six,  Brain fog!

Correction again died at twenty six. I must be more confused than I thought!!

Died at twenty six.Third time lucky!!!

Hello Lillian, you're not confused! I understand your reply but this site doesn't like you to use the D word and so automatically removes it! Perhaps I can think of your aunt, who left the party early, as being very special and you were lucky to have her name!

I cannot believe what is happening to my texts! I am sure I wrote "died" at least three times. Put it down to old. age and brain fog.

Thank you for your message. I am reassured. I thought I was losing my faculties! How do you know about the site? Lilian