Mervyn my mini stroke

Hi I had a mini stroke 2 weeks ago, I am recovering well but the fatigue is killing me any advice or people with same experience would be great 

Hi Mervyn welcome to the forum.  Fatigue is a problem to all us stroke survivors, some days are better than others.  Listen to your body, it does get easier but I do not think it will go away completely, you just learn to deal with it.  I am 2 years post stroke and still get times when I am completely whacked!  There is a lot of information on here and lots of leaftlets you can get.  You may have a stroke coordinator near you, just ring the helpline and ask them.  Their help is invaluable.  Keep in touch with us all, we are all in the same boat as they say.  Wendy

Believe it or not, I took my stroke in 1993 when I was 28.  Am now 55, and yes, still suffer from fatigue sometimes.  Need a 10 minute shut eye in the afternoon some days, though never fully fall asleep.  Swear I'm rejuvinated afterwards!  As Wendy says, have 'learned to deal with it'.  You will too!  

Thank you Wendy very helpfull