It's now 10 month since I had the stroke which gave me the biggest jolt ever. It’s been a real lifeline finding this forum and the people on it who have supported and advised me through this horrible time.

We all seem to have the horrible SF which strikes every few days and can be hard to manage - it comes on very suddenly and without any warning. As for emotions - don’t get me started, for me that’s the biggest issue I have but I think it’s probably due to the part of the brain that was damaged. I can see my short term memory is improving, but I still have to take things easy and remember I’ve had a stroke or the SF will start and then I’m all muddled. I’ve noticed that I get more tired when I’m out and presume this is another bit of SF.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. I’m not one for making resolutions but I aim to continue to make good progress next year, however slow it may be, and to get a grip on the emotional side of the stroke - (all tips gratefully received).


Poor you!

But on the good days you are amazing!

Like you I have to remember the good stuff when I'm crying for no particular reason.  Glad I don't wear make-up!!! ??

Well I try to be amazing but some days I fail miserably.

I’ve had a couple of weepy days lately, think it’s just the stroke/ no particular reason tears but I’m going to get on top of them next year - that’s the plan!!!

Have a lovely Christmas and no more falls please.


I think SSs expect so much of themselves, (that's why they're survivors of course), but the rest of the population don't beat themselves up half as much!!  This is a stressful time of year, even if it's just the frustration of wall-to-wall C'mas everywhere, it's bound to get to you, ?.  Whenever I see your flowery photo I have a little smile, and things seem brighter - really ?

Celebrate your amazing-ness, it's amazing because it's different every day, if you were 100%, constantly amazing it wouldn't be amazing any more, it would be 'average'!!  

I suspect I'm not making sense, I need more Quality Street (other chocs are available - well they are in my house!!?)

Take care xx

That's a deal ?

If you work on the random tears I'll work on no more falls .?


Well Nic you’re right it would be ‘average’ wouldn’t it. So little victories no matter what they are are to be celebrated.

We’re a Roses house here but they’re not open yet, we’re testing ‘stollen’ at the moment - today it’s from Tesco - it’s good, probably a 7 out of 10. I’ve got a really sweet tooth since the stroke and I realised the other day I’ve put about 1 stone on since the summer so that will have to go next year!!!

Hope you are both over the colds you had.




Ok will try really hard. ?

Keeping a brief daily diary of events has helped me to log achievements, of any magnitude, I got very 'down' when my husband couldn't seem to recognise his own achievements, so I just quoted the diary to him!!  Hisssss!  

I adore stollen, I think Lidl's did a good one, but we haven't got any this year.  I've found some non-alcoholic drinks, e.g. No-secco, can't wait to quality control that!!  At least I won't be too squiffy to cook C'mas lunch ? 

Yes, I've got my voice back, and husband seems to be over the worst of the ear-infection thanks.  He survived a drive to Bury St Edmunds today, (as a passenger), without too much trouble.  

Take care, stay positive xx

Me too! I've got to work on both if truth be told. ?‍♀️?‍♀️?????

Ooh No-secco sounds good, I might try and get a bottle. We are going to our daughters for Christmas so I think I’ll get a bottle for us to have there, I’m quite weepy if I have alcohol nowadays which is a bit rubbish.

I do think a daily diary will be a good idea, I still have trouble with my short term memory so that will help. I know when I come across posts I’ve written a few weeks back I sometimes do a double take - did I write that ? I don’t remember, it’s so frustrating.

Take care.


Glad you're improving . 

My Xmas shopping is due tomorrow . The only way to make sure the Christmas goodies made it to Christmas ???????

It’s so good to listen to you all. Thank you all for sharing your words of wisdom. I’m glad you’re on the mend now, Nic, and Kay ever supportive. I also love your flowers, Ann!!? I know I’m in Madeira but I still need the support of this Forum. I’m constantly watching to see that John is ok because I can see when he is flagging. He doesn’t listen to me! What’s new? However, I can see small improvements because it’s warmer here and that has to be good. JJM, he’s doing lots of walking at the moment and so pleased to tell people how many steps he’s taking in a day! We’re back home on 31st so let’s see what happens next.


Hope you are having a nice break V&J. Hope you’re managing to rest as well as sightseeing. 

It’s not too cold here today. We went to Durham this morning and the Salvation Army were playing carols in the market square. Sooo emotional it was so Christmassy.

Enjoy your holiday, it gives us all hope that it’s something we could do.

Merry Christmas


I like your style and enforced restraint!!  We broke into the big tin of sweets before the delivery driver got out of the drive ? I have no will power, I really should have ordered two ?  

The diary doesn't have to become a chore - just a few notes each day will soon build up, and it's so useful for all sorts of reasons - settling arguments sometimes ? Don't worry if it's repetitive and boring at first, once you get into it you'll notice all sorts of little improvements.  Put it on your January "To Do" list!!  Oooh, 2019 is going to be busy ? 

I can't bear to be left out so I'll join the party and ease off on the goodies ... after C'mas ?

so needy!!!  xxx

Nic I have will power it's WON'T power I need.??

Gotcha, that's the tricky one, ?‍♀️

It’s on the list together with the diet ? !!

Can't help being bossy - but will do my bit as well.  A daily walk and no chocs for January, as long as I've managed to munch them all by 31.12.18!!  

We can all cheer each other on xx