Hi Everyone. Before the madness begins, just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for being there when things get tough and when we need some support and advice.

Keep on keeping on everyone and hopefully 2024 will bring lots of achievements for all of us.

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes Sue :christmas_tree:


Merry Christmas to you too Sue & thank you for your support & advice too.

Have a great Christmas & best wishes for the new year xx


Wishing you & yours felicitations
& The best for 24



@Susan_Jane and @Mrs5K

Happy Holidays! I hope one day I will meet you both on a Zoom Meeting. I so appreciate you both. Same to @SimonInEdinburgh who I do see in Zoom if I can wake in time to meet.

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@Susan_Jane and all you others who share this Forum with me,

Merry Christmas!! and a Happy New Year

keep on keepin’ on
:champagne: :santa: :+1:


@DeAnn See you on Christmas day maybe?

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Thank you @DeAnn

We did meet briefly on one of Bobbi’s zooms many months ago. Now im back at work it is difficult for me to join a zoom meet but will try if I get chance.

Have a lovely Christmas xx

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To all those that struggle,
To all those that help others,
To all who are well and happy,
To all the great folk here,

*** * H A P P Y - C H R I S T M A S * ***

Wishing success with your recovery,
And good news to all who seek progress,


Definitely in my plan! I am looking forward to visiting with you and Lea. Christmas Eve I have a family gathering 6 pm to midnight, your time.

Christmas Day, I am uncertain what the plan is, which leads me to believe there isn’t one. I can either stay up until you are on Zoom, or go to bed and get up when you are there.


I think of you often. Just a few things keep me from forgetting I have even had strokes. My lack of ability to plan or organize fully, inability to see well enough to drive, both of which keep me from working, the constant pain which keeps me from doing things, like sleeping well, doing as much housework or exercise as I should, and the noise, lights, patterns, movement around me that so confuse my brain I don’t know which way is what.

I am blessed that the pain I have does not include much of the lock or cramped feeling that you have. I pray your pain will leave you soon. It would be a very lovely Christmas gift for you, and I will ask Santa for that to be my gift for you as well. Can’t hurt to ask. Although, I must tell you, my usual ask is for Peace on Earth, and you see how that has gone. Perhaps there is no Santa. I will ask higher up.

Merry Christmas, good friend.


Thanks for the lovely Christmas message, DeAnne,

The locked glute day is still there ( odd days this month, so Xmas day it will be good )… but I’d like to add that it’s much milder than it was a month or two ago. What I have now is a pain in my eyelid whenever I open it, usually morning, or after lunch nap. My latest theory is old injuries that hurt, and the nerves that are healing / reconnecting.

Aside these two mysteries I have no reason to complain, other than paresthesia in abundance… I did my longest ever on a treadmill in one day ; 16 minutes, and getting stronger day by day. Sensation is still lacking though. When that makes further progress (I’m sure it’s improving all the time) I’ll be laughing.

Anyway, thanks for all the posts you have written. I enjoy reading everything you write, whether or not it is addressed to me. I feel the advice you give, and the feelings you share are universal, and always get me thinking and appreciating what life has to offer,

Have a lovely Christmas, and speak soon, ciao, ciao, Roland