Memory problems

Hello my partner is 72 and its coming up to 12 months since he had two strokes he has recovered quite well physically he has some balance problems when walking and his right hand feel's numb at the finger tip's and over sensitive. But its his loss of memory that gets him really down also when he has been out and is having a conversation with friends he's chatting away then stop and forgets what he was saying this causes him to get very embrassed and now he's not wanting to go out as much.He can get very frustrated at times and takes it out on me which at times is very upsetting.At times it can be very difficult but I known its very hard for him.I just wondered has anyone been or going through a similar

Carole, He is not taking it out on you personally. He is reacting to his own frustration. Has he seen a neuropsychologist? When I had my big stroke four years ago, there was a concern I might have lost my short term memory and I was put on a waiting list to see a neuropsychologist. It took a year, but after an hour and a half appointment,bshe concluded my memory was fine.

I am now 76 and very aware that memory declines over time. Paradoxically, the long term memory tends to get more vivid. One tactic he could use is to say to his friends, 'If I forget where we've got to, please remind me'. I'm sure they would not be offended to be asked.

By the way, the fingers of my weak left hand are also very sensitive and I always have to be careful with my balance.

I wish you both well.

Hello Carol59, please tell your husband not to feel annoyed if he looses his train of thought during conversation it is an effect of the stroke. There will be lots of people on this site saying ' oh I do that' and no mater how hard you try you just can't remember what you were going to say, better to just say something along the lines of 'now what was I talking about' it may just jog his memory.

I had a stroke over 2 years ago and most of all I had short term memory loss. I was also very emotional, another effect of the stroke. At first my memory was so bad I avoided people who I knew, I felt they didn't know that a stroke can effect your memory, most people know a stroke as effecting your arms and legs and your movement. 
Things do get better over time and now I'm much better than I was and my memory is greatly improved. I've returned to all the things I used to do, reading, listening to music,cooking, going out on my own to shop ( only locally now but a great improvement from over a year ago). I guess what I'm trying to show is that over time, and it may take a while, he will start to notice things he can do again and he will start to take up old hobbies long forgotten due to the stroke. Things will get easier, it just seems like a very slow process.

It may help him to join his local stroke association group, the group I attend has helped me enormously to come to terms with the stroke. They tend to be really sociable meetings and everyone understands what you're going through. I think it will help him come to terms with the stroke. I hope this may help a little, I'm sure others on here will also have some good advice for you both.

Best wishes to you both.