Memory problems / voice recorder

Trying to reduce my endless reminder lists . Wondered if possibly small , basic recorder , might help , how they work ? I think , have different files & is it difficult. Any advise , manufacturers etc . Appreciated. Heading into my workshop, couple of hours. If only I could remember where, my to do list I is! :grin: .

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Hello @David3, my short term recall has almost vanished. I keep lists, forget to look at said lists, and sometimes look at list, turn away and I’ve completely forgotten about it. I usually send emails to myself with reminders, but nothing is foolproof. My associative memory works best, so if I have an object that reminds me of the thing I am meant to remember it helps. However, I can remind myself and then forget I’ve reminded myself in a matter of minutes. I try and do memory exercises everyday, but have yet to come across ones that are completely suitable for my needs. Sometimes, I sit down in point to remember all the things I need to remember, I sit down and then start doing something else, and end up not trying to remember. It’s a vicious cycle at the moment. What may help, I know of several stroke survivors who have Android watches, they have things like reminders, voice recorders, and alarms, and because they are in sight and attached to your person, it is difficult to forget to check it. They price range from reasonable to over a hundred quid. Maybe a Christmas present?

If you can, get a smart phone. I use my reminder facility all the time. I set the date and time and it beeps at me to remind me.
My phone has also become my camera since I lost the use of my right hand.
I also download audio books from the library (I don’t really have the time or concentration to read books).

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My computer has a ‘sticky note’ program I find useful, just open one and add a thing I need to remember and next time I switch on it shows on the screen with the options of ‘snooze’ or ‘wipe’. Very useful.


Hi Mahoney, no smartphone, all my working life, had mobile clipped onto me & on bedside table at night , ( 2 , 3 , am at night, emergency, water leaking from burst pipe or storm damaged roof , insurance company sending me out , to deal with. ) had stroke 2.5 years ago , bonus ! No more work & need for fancy mobile, just basic flip phone , suites me . But I can understand you , how useful they could be . Good talking David.

Hi Rups, for as always good advise. Sorted your kiddies Xmas yet ! My two in their 30s . We all decided years ago , cards only ,much simpler, also feel , POSS feel some people feel to give presents , to show love ! All gets a bit silly. Good talking David.

Hi Minnie , Yes can understand smartphone useful. Similar to you, struggle with books ,holding & turning pages. Kindle good for me , turn up large font, but can only manage to read for short times . Good talking David.

Hi Deigh , makes sense. Not very good with tech , though quiet pleased , I manage my basic Samsung tablet. New Zealand, I was born in Auckland ! Mum & dad went there, when mum was pregnant, with my eldest sister, before they were married, almost hidding away. Oh how times , have changed, for the better. Good talking David.

Hello David, I have sequestered into the background of present giving this year, my partner has taken the reins, so to speak, and I am delegated to wrapping duties. It does get a bit silly, keeps people occupied though. My partner was up late last night making wreaths. I was feeling poorly, so went to bed early. My main bugbear is the amount of cheap plastic that turns up at this time of year :santa: To be honest, I’ve had a fairly odious week (stroke symptoms more acute than usual), so I’ve only been thinking of myself, a necessity of stroke survival at times. I am sure I will swing back into the festive spirit of things, when someone cracks open the port perhaps.

Thanks @Mahoney, it’s been pretty vile actually, as of yesterday, I have felt like I have regressed six months on my recovery timeline. It may all stem from having a fairly active couple of days the week before. I’ll be interested to see what happens next, so I can note it as part of future events like this. Hope you are having a good week though.

Thanks for Reply, it doesn’t sound like you stayed in NZ long. We have been here about 55 years and it has changed a lot during that time (not my doing!) Still it was the best move I ever made.
Enjoying a lot of rain at this time but still a lot warmer than UK.

I’m not a Xmas enthusiast but my wife is and this time of year shows a gradual daily growth in excitement in her as the big day approaches. She has rules too so Xmas decorations don’t go up till number two son has his birthday in mid December.
Here in NZ we have a daily TV program that shows things behind the news. The Lady presenter is surrounded by Xmas decorations that grow daily. She shares a couch with the male presenter who is a Grinch. They are separated on the couch by a length of green holly which divides them. His side has o decorations at all.

Hi Deigh , came back to uk when very small. Regretted never returning . Good talking David

Thanks David for making me burst out laughing, I cant even remember what I am trying to remember. The worst is mid sentence I totally forget what I am talking about.

Hi Amanda, recorder surprisingly helpful. Yes my wife cares for me , when necessary. Have learnt to accept this more . Good speaking David.