Memory missing

Hi i had my stroke novemeber '22 it was a tia very lucky and recovering well. Over the Christmas period i saw distant relatives as you do and spent time watching films etc.
But there are photos I dont remember being in at events i dont remember, films ive apparently watched that I have no clue that ive watched!

Is this normal to lose memories like this?


Hello @TootieB. Depending on where your brain suffered its injury , memory loss either short or long term is not unusual.
I have problems with both but have worked on strategies to help with my working memory- list making, attaching importance to factual information, can’t do much about any other type but it is flooring at times, and you don’t know you can’t recollect something until it’s not happening. Frustrating as hell and the risk is you start feeling stupid.
Work around finding what works for you, all the best, Julia

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@TootieB i haven’t experienced this myself but it must be really disconcerting for you. I think it can happen. I have come across someone who lost all their memories before their stroke. My issue is more commiting new things to my memory.

I hope you find a coping mechanism as Julia has suggested.

Best wishes


Some people have memory issues after their stroke - some do not. My mother had a brain bleed stroke. She had no memory issues at all (long-term or short-term). Her main issues were severely emotional in nature. We couldn’t do much to help her. She started to lose her mind more and more over time. Her rational mind started to go, even though she could walk well, speak well, write well, etc. Not sure what happened. They say it was post-stroke regression. I suppose.

Best of luck to you in recovering your memory. It should return to a more normal state with practice, etc.

Take good care of yourself.

Hi @TootieB, yes a lot of us do have memory issues post stroke/TIA. But if this is relatively new to you, in that it’s only really started recently over this Christmas period, that you aware of. Then I think you need to talk to your doctor about it to rule out any other events which may be happening.

Or it could just be that if you’ve had a busy Christmas period, fatigue can be such that your brain was just too tired to register/implant those memories. But it’s worth getting it checked out though if only for peace of mind :wink:

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Since my stroke 18 months ago I’ve found my memory loss frustrating. I used to have a photographic memory. Even when I used to go out with my mates drinking heavily and night clubbing back in the 90s I could remember everything from the night before.
I can remember the morning of my stroke, being taken in the ambulance and taken into A and E. I can’t remember the CT scan or being put onto a ward in the hospital and for that week I was there is a bit sketchy before being transferred to a stroke rehab hospital.
More recently I was having a video call with best mate from work and he says " Steve has been asking about you " I had to say to my mate, " Steve who? I don’t know who you’re on about" I’ve worked with Steve for about 5 years and he’s one of my good mates! I’ve had to accept that at times my brain will go completely blank and it’s the stroke that’s caused that.
When I do eventually return to work, I’m just going to have to call half of my work mates, " mate or “pal” cos I won’t remember most of their names :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing: