Memory loss

As some of you know,my husband had a severe stroke in 2004 at the age of 52.Life has changed completely and we still face challenges but we have reached a good quality of life, that we both can manage. Just lately though,his short term memory loss has become a problem.He has also started to get muddled while doing quite basic  things . It's a difficult subject to approach with him , as he doesn't realise it's happening.We have seen a doctor who said that there are some vitamins and supplements that could help. Also some "brain games" on line that might stimulate him. I wasn't expecting a quick fix but the more confused he gets , the more introverted he becomes . It may be the onset of old age, he's 66 , not old but having made such a miraculous recovery , I do not want to lose him again. Anybody got any ideas.

My memory varies a lot. Generally, its OK when I get enough sleep, and its troublesome when I have a bad night or two.

I go to relax classes. During a session when I was deep into relaxation, for reasons unknown I wanted to recall an acquaintanes name. With my mind at total rest I was pleased to recall the first name. Then I recalled the surname. It was very odd. I actually accessed parts of the brain that are normally shrouded in fog. One hour later I couldnt remember the name at all.

So I suggest perfect sleep, relaxation classes and smiling.

TV or Radio quizz programs can also help. I like "The chase" and I get better and better at answering the questions.

BTW thank you for your comments  "Life has changed completely and we still face challenges but we have reached a good quality of life, that we both can manage."

I like to hear your confirmation that I am not the only one who notices and values the significant new life that I am buildiing.

This mail has taken me several minutes to remember what I am trying to write ! It is so frustrating.




Hi Colin, your competent reply was well received,the effort was well worth it.We both sleep a lot more than before,you are so right about feeling more alert and less muddled. The relaxation was interesting,anyone affected by stroke realises how complicated anything to do with the brain is.David's original doctor advised him to drink a lot of water if he got confused, this definitely helps. Game shows are good and he is very good at soduko. It's everyday things like the tv remote, apps on his phone even his beloved computer that are becoming a challenge. We are talking about someone who lost all these skills 14 years ago , recovered them with hard work, overtime and now seems to be losing them again. So we need some advice on how to slow down any onset of dementia .

Keep smiling Collin