Meeting Other Stroke Survivors

Hello everyone, 

Next Friday (5thOctober) I'm meeting up with a small local group of SS. It will greatly help me to talk to others in a similar situation as myself, after all a problem shared as they say.

The meeting place is actually inside a pub,(very temping)rather unusual! Hope I can get there? I should hopefully be driving by then? Must remember not to drink and drive! Orange juice only, I'll have to be careful! lol. I'm wondering how I'll recognise any of them, as it's an enormous pub and only a handful of them. Wonder if their wearing Carnations on their

I'll tell you about my meet next week.






Sounds fun.  laugh have a great time

Hi Thank you, it'll be good for me to share my experience with others that have also had symptoms like mine.



Good to chat face-to-face without screens and typing barriers to cope with!

Thank you, it will help to meet other SS. Exchange stories and experiences with each other and to make new friends.