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Any body live around Hertfordshire for coffee and moan

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Hi Mickyboy-- I like your invitation. Way to go! I’d come, but I live in California. And I don’t like to fly. :small_airplane: Keep the welcome mat out. There’s folks out there that live nearby and would love a cup of coffee and a chat. :heart:Jeanne

I’m in hertfordshire, where would be convenient to meet?

Hi, sorry I’m in Kent. Have you looked into attending a Stroke Survivors support group local to you. We went to a local group meeting near to us which we found through the Different Strokes website. Both my husband and I found the meetings very helpful and informative. Unfortunately Covid stopped the meetings taking place for a while and they have never restarted.

Regards Sue

Hi @Mickyboy im sorry I live in Loughborough and could definitely do with someone to moan to have a laugh with someone who’s been in the same situation and understand thankfully I do have good friends who do visit me sometimes don’ understand what I try to tell them of my frustrations I wish you all the best and hopefully you will find someone to have a cuppa and chat with my lovely xxx

Hi Mickyboy. Would love to meet with you but I live in Cheshire. Love Lilian

Thanks you lovely srvstrokes am on holiday from Monday my daughter did tell me but like everything else forgot,so will be in touch when I get back, of to IOW


Janet will be in touch after my holiday to IOW next week to see I we can do this thanks mick.

Hope you’re august op goes well mick

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My kids call me victor Mel drew but mornings all I have left that and walking round the house and garden as I get very anxious and breathe less keep well