does anyone have problems with medication, like lostartin. my apetite not good, tiredness

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I had problems with cccodamoll. Very sleepy and extremely constipated. Lilian

My appetite isn’t great & I suffer a lot of fatigue. Not on lostartin though. I’ve just had some bloods done by my GP to see if there is anything other than my stroke causing issues. Maybe get your GP to check you over xx

i have to do this bp chart which is high when get up.then have to do again, then 2 in the afternoon, not eating much ,tired, only had one slice of toast for lunch

she wants to see me in two weeks, then have this heart monitore in late august at the hosptal

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thanks son has ben visiting thursday, wethome yesterday. he lives in west midlands us in somerset

Good to hear your GP is keeping an eye on you & they’re checking your heart out too with the monitor. Maybe try eating a little & often until your appetite improves. I find seeing a lot of food on a plate puts me off a bit.
Take care xx

thanks did have custard and a few loganberries

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i have lost some of my taste for sweet. my sister dont understand, she tell s me to forget about myself and watch the match. dont like football

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I’m not watching the match either. I used to love football but gone off it since my stroke. I am indulging in the Commonwealth Games instead which I love a lot more :grin: I’ve also just indulged in a stone with jam & cream…whoops
Back to my low cholesterol diet tomorrow :blush:

are you not on antivastatin i find lostartin make me tired, is there alternitive to statins

I am on atorvastatin for cholesterol. I have the cholesterol disease which is genetic so apparently I was always destined to get high cholesterol. I am trying to manage the fat I eat though to make sure things don’t get worse.

dont eat enough to get chorlestral, or fatty foods, i was ok before i had stroke, i think its the lostartin causing tiredness